Abilities (Ownage)

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Drafts for what abilities would look like.

Energy Ball

The most rudimentary direct offensiveusage of one's Aura, forming, as the name suggests, a plain ball of energy. These are typically silver or gray in color, though this varies depending on individual methods. These are often used for meditation as well, where holding one stable for as long as possible provides a focus.
Effects: Magic attack, some low amount of damage.

+1k0 strike: 10 XP
+1 strike: 5 XP
+damage: some amount of XP
-10% (big pool) cost: Cumulative 3 XP (3 for -10%, another 6 to raise it to -20%, and so forth)
Reduce AP cost: Bunches of XP?


Lets you use Spirit in functions other than Soul. Although there are no limits to which functions it can be used in, it cannot initially be set to any of them, and is limited to only one (Soul, which it must always serve as).

+1 uses: Cumulative 3 XP.
Each function opened: Cumulative 4 XP (for example: opening magic strike would cost 4, and then opening the second function--magic damage, for example--would cost 8).


Float around!

Improved Levitation

Use Psyche as the kept die for Evasion, but only if another mental stat is used for Rolled.