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Setting Rules for All Creation


Some of these are a bit different than canon, but it's slight.

  1. To clarify, there are 25 hours in a day, 7 days a week (Sun's Day, Moon's Day, Mars' Day, Mercury's Day, Jupiter's Day, Venus' Day, Saturn's Day), four weeks a month, three months a season (Ascending, Risen, Descending), and five seasons a year (Air, Water, Earth, Wood, Fire), with the year ending with five days of Calibration. The New Moon occurs on the first of each month, and the Full Moon on the 15th.
  2. Fire is the hottest season, culminating in the dangerous heights reached in Descending Fire. Then Calibration begins, bringing five days of moonless, starless night, with faint, muted days. The heat quickly turns to cold, difficult to bear even in the jungles of the Southeast, and then Ascending Air begins - the coldest month of the year.
  3. The population of Creation is about 600 million. The Realm hosts some 200 million, the East some 200 million, the South about 100 million, the North some 80 million, and the West 20 million.
  4. Spirit-Blooded and Beastmen are about one in a thousand, overall.
  5. The dead population of the Underworld and the Labyrinth is ginormous. Stygia alone, as a city, is host to a over three billion ghosts. Most other dead cities only host one to two million ghosts, Sijan being the great metropolis of the dead at three million.


  1. There are about ~60,000 Dragon-Blooded in Creation, about one per ten thousand. Over a fifty thousand are of the Realm, and over five thousand in Lookshy alone, leaving them frightfully rare in the rest of Creation (about one per hundred thousand).
  2. The Mountain Folk have only about a thousand Enlightened. This number grows slowly as the proper jade segments are found for a new Enlightened to be crafted, but that is the limit of them - lifting the Great Curse will not aid their numbers, though it will let them achieve Essence 6 and a few other benefits. They are divided into six closely allied nations, governing over a billion unEnlightened. Their are only two main Castes, Upper and Lower, but the Lower is greatly subdivided according to role.

The increase in Realm Dragon-Blooded is done to handle the rather absurd casualty rate that is the only sensible explanation for having 'only' ten thousand. The Mountain Folk have a similar paucity in their population when one considers they are fighting a three-dimensional war. The territory they cover requires immense numbers.

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