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Attributes are measurements of quantifiable aspects of your character.


Primary Attributes

These nine values (four Physical, four Mental, one Spiritual) are the core of a character's statistics.



Beyond its namesake, this also measures (though not precisely) one's acceleration and, to some degree, maximum speed. High agility allows one to outmaneuver opponents, offering a variety of offensive and defensive applications.


in addition to physical strength, represents the resilience of your body. A high Physique score does not necessarily equate to rippling, well-defined muscles; in addition to the 'quality over quantity' aspect of that, it's a commonly observed fact that Awakened beings tend to have strength and stamina disproportionate to their appearances.


Reaction time on the physical level, how long it takes for the body to start doing something once it's been told to. This is significant not just in responding to threats and general goings-on nearby, but also adjusting one's own actions to compensate for an opponent's.




This represents mental quickness, the ability to determine what course of action would be the best in a timely manner, to put two and two together to make four, and so forth. In many ways it could be compared to a mental equivalent of one's physical reflexes.




This is the most difficult attribute to raise, and has fewer direct applications than most, but is also the single most influential characteristic. It represents the power of a being's soul, intangible but very real. It is rare, but not unheard of, for mundanes to have Anima scores higher than 1.

  • No attribute's base value may exceed your Anima or 4, whichever is higher.
  • Skills may not exceed your Anima or 5, whichever is higher.
  • You may not have more Aspects than your Anima.

Secondary Attributes

Wound Levels

Wound levels represent how severely injured a being is.

  • A healthy, uninjured being is at WL10.
  • Whenever you take damage, make a Damage Resistance roll, with a TN equal to the total amount of damage you've taken so far . If you fail, your Wound Level is decreased by 1 and your damage taken is reset to 0. The amount you failed by is then applied as damage.
  • For every Wound Level below 10, all rolls you make have a -2 penalty to their final result.
  • Death typically takes place upon reaching WL0.

All life produces Aura, the energy most commonly used by Awakened beings to facilitate their magical effects. In common usage this generally refers specifically to the personal pool (or, aura) of energy that such entities have. Replenishing it is simply a matter of drawing in the ambient Aura.

  • Under normal circumstances, people are at Aura Level 1.
  • Keep track of all Aura costs; the total is your spent Aura. For example, if you used an ability that cost 3 Aura, and then another that cost 4 Aura, your spent Aura would be 7.
  • Whenever someone expends Aura they make an Aura Roll. If the result is below their spent Aura they drop one Aura Level, and their spent Aura is reset to 0. A person at AL0 may not spend Aura.
  • While it is possible to go about one's business at higher Aura Levels, it's less than safe to keep so much energy constantly activated. Every five minutes, a person takes 2 points of damage for every level their Aura is above 1.
  • At the end of every round of combat, the Aura Level of all participants is increased by one; if they are at their maximum, their spent Aura is reset to 0. A person's maximum Aura Level is their Anima. Out of combat, this occurs once every five minutes. You can choose to forego this increase in Aura Level.

While Anima is the strength of one's soul, Animus is the ability to harness that power directly. Animus is potent, but just as dangerous. If one loses control of their Animus their soul begins uncontrollably dissipating, searing the unfortunate individual with the power of their own spirit.

  • Some abilities specify Animus costs. Like Aura, a running total of your spent Animus is kept.
  • Whenever you spend Animus, an Anima Roll is made, with a TN equal to your spent Animus. If you fail the ability still functions normally, but you have lost control of your Animus . Another roll is made every action, and until you succeed you may not spend Animus. On each action you are not in control, including the first, you drop down one Wound Level.
  • Exactly how the damage from this overload of energy manifests varies, though the most common is spontaneous combustion.

NTS: This section needs some serious rewriting.

Attribute Table

Damage Reduction Aura Will Action Points Phys Strike Phys Damage Magic Strike Magic Damage Evasion Resistance?
Brawn Yes No Yes No No
Agility No No No Yes No
Reflexes No No No No Yes
Psyche No Yes No No Yes No
Awareness No Yes No
Perception Yes No Yes No No

Raising Attributes

Primary attributes are increased by spending experience points; secondary attributes increase as the primary ones do. It becomes progressively harder to raise stats as they get higher. Beyond experience costs, you are limited by the fact that no attribute may be more than double your Spirit.

Attribute Level Exp Cost Total Exp Cost
1 1 1
2 3 4
3 5 9
4 7 16
5 9 25
6 11 36
7 13 49
8 15 64
9 17 81
10 19 100
11 21 121
12 23 144
13 25 169
14 27 196
15 29 225
16 31 256
17 33 289
18 35 324
19 37 361
20 39 400

Spirit Level Exp Cost Total Exp Cost
1 1 1
2 4 5
3 9 14
4 16 30
5 25 55
6 36 91
7 49 140
8 64 204
9 81 285
10 100 385
11 121 506
12 144 650
13 169 819
14 196 1015
15 225 1240
16 256 1496
17 289 1785
18 324 2109
19 361 2470
20 400 2870
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