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The Courtesan Bard

Dancing Rain.png

Dancing Rain

Concept Performer Type Solar Caste Eclipse Calling None
Experience 478 Spent 490 Banked -12 Essence


Motivation To unite the Hundred Kingdoms under a benevolent ruler.
Intimacies Common Folk ●●○○○, Children ●●○○○, Ancient Knowledge ●●○○○, The Innocent ●●○○○, Shoal ●●○○○, Alabaster ●●○○○, Red Tiger ●●○○○, Chiaroscuro ●●○○○, Her Circle ●●○○○
Anima Abilities For one mote, can cause Caste Mark to glow brightly, cause anima to glow bright enough to read by, or know the precise time of day.
  • Sanctify Oath (10 motes, 1w)
  • Protected by pacts with Fair Folk, Demon Princes, and Spirits
  • May learn non-Solar Charms for 16 xp, (2 mote surcharge to use)
Periphrasis None
Languages Riverspeak (Native), Forest-tongue, Old Realm, Flametongue, Low Realm, High Realm
Virtue Flaw Compassionate Martyrdom: Compassion

Activates: The character witnesses innocents suffering through no fault of their own.
Description: Overwhelmed with the need to alleviate the suffering she witnesses, the character throws herself into helping the victims in the most direct and dramatic fashion possible.

Description An exquisite beauty with bright pink hair and piercing blue eyes.


Strength ●●●○○ Charisma ●●●●● Perception ●●●●●
+○○○ +○○○ +○○○
Dexterity Manipulation Intelligence
+○○○ +○○○ +○○○
Stamina Appearance Wits
+○○○ +○○○ +○○○


Archery ○○○○○
Martial Arts ●●●●●
Dancing +●●●
Melee ○○○○○
Thrown ○○○○○
War ●○○○○
Integrity ●●●●●
Performance ●●●●●
Singing +●●●
Presence ●●●●●
Persuasion +●●●
Resistance ●○○○○
Survival ○○○○○
Craft ○○○○○
Investigation ●●●●○
Lore ●●●○○
Medicine ●●●○○
Occult ●●●●●
Sorcery +●○○
Athletics ●●●○○
Awareness ●●●○○
Dodge ●●●●○
Larceny ○○○○○
Stealth ○○○○○
Bureaucracy ●●●●○
Linguistics ●●●●●
Ride ○○○○○
Sail ○○○○○
Socialize ●●●●●
Other Specialties
' +○○○
' +○○○
' +○○○
' +○○○
' +○○○
' +○○○
' +○○○
' +○○○
' +○○○
' +○○○
Craft: Air ○○○○○ + ○○○
Craft: Earth ○○○○○ + ○○○
Craft: Fire ○○○○○ + ○○○
Craft: Water ○○○○○ + ○○○
Craft: Wood ○○○○○ + ○○○
Craft: Fate ○○○○○ + ○○○
Craft: Genesis ○○○○○ + ○○○
Craft: Glamour ○○○○○ + ○○○
Craft: Magitech ○○○○○ + ○○○
Alchemy +○○○
Astrology +○○○
Demon Summoning +○○○
Elemental Summoning +○○○
Enchantment +○○○
Geomancy +○○○
Husbandry +○○○
Spirit Beckoning +○○○
The Dead +○○○
Warding & Exorcism +○○○
Weather Working +○○○

Spirit and Body

Essence Willpower ●●●●● ●●●●○ Personal Pool 24
Compassion ●●●●● Conviction ●●○○○ Committed 6
Temperance ●●○○○ Valor ●●○○○ Peripheral Pool 55

Health and Soak

Soak Bashing Lethal Aggravated Health Levels Move Type Unarmored Armored
Natural 2 1 0 -0 Move 5 yards 1 yards
Armor 7 6 0 -1 □□ Dash 11 yards 7 yards
Total 9 7 6 -2 □□ Jump Type Unarmored Armored
Pierced 5 4 4 -4 Horizontal 4 yards 4 yards
Hardness 0 0 0 Incap Vertical 2 yards 2 yards


First (Ability) Excellency:

Martial Arts, Integrity, Performance, Presence, Dodge, Bureaucracy

Infinite (Ability) Mastery: Martial Arts, Presence, Performance

Abyssal Irrisistable Succubus Style / 10 m / 1+Essence Dots added to Appearence. Remove DV Difference Cap on Appearence

Martial Arts

Demure Carp Feint / 4 m / Reflexive (Step 2) / One Action / Combo-Ok / Add Essence or +2, whichever is greater to DV

Pearlescent Filigree Defense / 1 m per 1 L/2 B Soak / Simple / One Scene / Obvious

Lethal Paper Fan Attack / 3 m / Supplemental / Instant / Obvious, Combo-Ok

Dreaming Pearl Courtesan Form / 5 m / Simple (Speed 3) / One Scene / Form Type, Obvious, Social / Control 1 prop per essence which swirls around her sensually. Add MA score to all Presence and Social rolls

Flurry of August Leaves / 2 m per weapon / Simple (DV-2) / Instant / Combo-Basic, Obvious - May attack at a distance of MA X 5 Yards with all controlled weapons. Roll one attack, but calculate weapon damage individually.

Resplendant Sash Grapple Technique / 3 m per action / Reflexive (Step 9) / Counterattack, Obvious / Varies / After negating an opponents attack, the Exalt may make a reflexcive (Dexterity + Martal Arts) roll to have flowing sleeves or cloak ensnare opponents attacking weapon or appendage. The Exalt must roll at least as many successes as the opponent did in the first attack to grapple. With three more successes, the opponent can be disarmed. Cost maust be paid per grapple attempt.

Vindictive Concubine's Pillow Book Understanding / 3m / Supplemental / Combo-Ok, Obvious / Instant / Negates opponents armor soak up to (Essence + Martial Arts). Does not effect Natural Soak, or soak gained through charms.

Fragrant Petal Fascination Kata / 10 m. 1 wp / Simple / Compulsion, Obvious / Indefinate / Etherial Music plays while Rose Petals swirl around her. Roll (Charisma + Martial Arts). Everyone within a radius of Exalt's essence in yards mustcompare the result of thier Dodge MDV. Those whose MDV's do not negate the Exalts Roll are transfixed in place, enraptured by the beauty of the Kata and petels, and the fragrance of the flowers. Even those who are not enraprtured experiance a hallucinogenic vertigo, sufforing an internal penalty to all rolls equal to the Exalts Essence. Those enraptured by the Exalt will believe what she says, and even follow her commands.

Seven Storms Escape Prana / 8 m / 1 wp / Simple (DV 2) / Obvious / Instant / The Martial Artist centers herself, breathing in ambient Essence. When she exhales, sweet endrils of pastel fumes escape her lips and eerie electricity prickles the hair on the back of onlookers necks. The Exalt's clothing and hair whip around her as she becomes a vortex of swirling light and vapor. The vortex disappears in a flash, only to reappear at a distance of (Martial Arts x 5) yards, where the Exalt emerges.

Invoking the Chimera's Coils / 15 m, 1 wp, +1 wp to end charm / Simple / Obvious / Varies / Transform into a Fell and Beautiful Chimera

Combo 1:


Terrifying Apparition of Glory / 3 m / Supplemental / Instant / Combo-OK, Social / Ex2, 204

Majestic Radiant Presence / 7 m / Reflexive (2) / One scene / Obvious, Social / Ex2, 204

Worshipful Lackey Acquisition / 12 m, 1 wp / Simple (6 LT, -1) / (Cha) days / Combo-OK, Obvious, Servitude Social / Ex2, 205


Flawless Diagnosis Technique / 1 m / Reflexive / Instant / Combo-OK / Ex2, 220


Seven Shadow Evasion / 3 m / Reflexive (2) / Instant / Combo-OK / Ex2, 227

Reflex Sidestep Technique / 1 m / Reflexive (2) / Instant / Combo-OK / Ex2, 227

Leaping Dodge Method / 3 m / Reflexive (9) / Instant / Combo-OK, Counterattack / Ex2, 227

Shadow Over Water / 1 m / Reflexive (2) / Instant / Combo-OK / Ex2, 227


Spirit Detecting Glance / 3m / Reflexive / Once Scene / Combo-OK / Ex2, 221

All-Encompassing Sorcerers Sight / 6m / Reflexive / Once Scene / None / Ex2, 222

Sorcerer's Burning Chakra Charm / - / Permanent / Varies / Obvious / Ex2, 222


Heart-Compelling Method / 6 m / Supplemental / One scene / Combo-OK, Emotion, Social / Ex2, 202

Respect Commanding Attitude / 5 m / Simple (4 LT, -1) / One scene / Combo-OK, Compulsion, Social / Ex2, 202

Husband-Seducing Demon Dance / 10 m, 1 wp / Simple (6 LT, -1) / Instant / Combo-OK, Emotion, Social, Obvious / Ex2, 203


Cult ●●○○○

Henchmen ●○○○○ - Shoal

Resources ●●●●●

Artifact ●○○○○ - Commit: 0 - Lover's Ring

Artifact ●●○○○ - Commit: 4 - Orichalcum Hearthstone Bracers (+2 to all Damage, +3 to Dodge dice)

Artifact ●●●●○ - Commit: 1/10 - Wings of the Raptor (May commit 10 motes to fly at 5 times normal speed, adding 3 to DDV)

Manse ●○○○○ - (Fire) Stone of Seduction (+1 to Appearance rolls, or +3 to any rolls involving seduction)

Manse ●●●○○ - (Water) Bloodstone (Immune to all non-magical poisons and diseases, resistant to magical ones, never bleeds)

Combat Values

Base Values Attacks
Join Battle 6
Dodge DV (Unarmored) 7(+3)
Dodge DV (Armored) 7(+3)
Mobility Penalty 0
Fatigue 0
Join Debate 6
Dodge Mental DV 8
Social Speed Rate Honest Attack MDV Deceptive Attack MDV
Presence 4 2 10 5 10 5
Performance 6 1 10 5 10 5
Investigation 5 2 10 5 10 5
Standard Speed Rate Accuracy Defense Damage Tags
Punch 5 3 11 6 1B N
Kick 5 2 10 4 4B N
Clinch 6 1 10 - 1B C,N,P
Air Empowered Perfect War Fans - Spd: 4 - Rate: 3 - Acc: 17 - DV: 8 - Dmg: 6+2 L - Commit: 1 - Tags: M








Found out that in the first age, Ashera was known as Kan-Hur, and was well known for defeating the Fae.

Read about an organization called Five Shade Association. So far this information has proven useless

In the first age, Dancing Rain was a Hierophant of the Solar Deliberative for a period of time well before the usurpation. She was a member of an extremely powerful and influential Circle comprised of the greatest warlords and sorcerers in creation.

Laquen Quen, Keeper of the Secrets of the Solar Circle became Mask of Winters

Alabaster received a "gift" from a death knight. It was a sphere made of what seemed an unknown metal. I studied it. I could tell it was a container, and that it's creation involved necromancy. Later a... young girl emerged. She was exalted, but twisted, her caste mark a bloody parody of a Solar mark. She seemed innocent, and, to all appearance, could only speak Old Realm Dialect. She did not appear to be evil. Later she returned to the sphere, forming it like a caterpillar forms a cocoon. This time, however, the touch of the sphere causes strong sexual feelings and images. My hypothesis is that she is granted these feelings as a reward to insure that she returns to the sphere. It is my belief that she is a sort of... probe, gathering information, and that when she returns to the sphere the information is collected, and she is rewarded. It is interesting that sexual gratification is used as her reward. Since she seems to be trained to respond to this stimuli, it may be possible to turn her to our cause using the same. Certainly we should be able to at least delay her desire to return to the sphere, hopefully until we can break her of the desire, or eliminate the sphere as a possibility. If she could be wrested away from them, it would be an incredible situation. Perhaps through her, we can discover ways to free the Solar Souls that have succumbed to evil. Alabaster and I went to visit an ancient spirit who resides in Chiaroscuro. She suggested we take Seven Desires with us when we visit Nexus for the Tournament. It seems a reckless and dangerous plan, but if we can gain her loyalty, it would most definitely be worth it. Imagine if it became known that Abyssals could be returned to the light...

The Circle turned it's eyes toward the coastal kingdom of Alom Vilag, which was a Guild Stronghold. Alabaster in particular seems to have a grudge against the Guild, and Rain has to agree that the Guild is responsible for much of the suffering throughout civilization, and so she gave him her complete support in the venture. It was her hope, among other things, that a sizable amount of valuable cargo could be taken as well, helping to finance the massive army that still sat outside the walls of Chiaroscuro. She had no idea what Alabaster was worth, but such expenses almost had to be eating into his coffers. As it turned out there was no siege. Rumor of the approaching Anathema, along with some of the more spectacular antics by some of her companions, caused the standing army to route. When order was restored, however, and the opposing general retrieved, it became evident to Rain that the man, Known as Vellium Ruphus, was little older then Rain herself, and far less experienced in the world. He had been placed in the lead of the army by his own father, who had sacrificed him as part of a ploy to move the bulk of the goods out from the city. Rain became furious that his own father would use him in this way. Her anger gave way to compassion, and she has taken him under her wing, vowing to make a man out of him. Rain has made a silent promise to confront the father, and see justice carried out in this case. Rain has begun Vellum's training by putting him in the charge of....

Accidentally drawn into a necromantic sphere with the abyssal Slave to Seven Desires, Rain emerged with the Abyssal Charm Irresistible Succubus Style, and Intimate knowledge of Slave to Seven Desires.

Rain has journeyed to Nexus to participate in a martial tournament, with one of the prizes being a warstrider once owned by Alabaster in the first age. Her true reason to enter is to find capable female fighters for her special elite force. While shopping in the marketplace, Rain's Sorcerer Sight has revealed some odd things. Most of the people were essence users, and there is something decidedly odd about the Emissary, who did not appear to her sight to be a real entity.

August leaves + First MA + reflex sidestep + leaping + SSE. it's a good "i'm under attack charm without beign too expensive"

vidictive concubine + lethal paper + first MA = whatever defense you want. On the 2nd one, go ahead and tag on the big three dodge charms, RST, LDM, and SSE.
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