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Stature is, roughly, the size of the critter, though it means a bit more than that. Each additional rank of size roughly doubles it's longest dimension (or so), multiplying the volume and often mass by 10. By this scale, something like Mount Mostath would be Size 21 or so, giving it over twelve hundred health levels.

The sizes given are, of course, rough guidelines. See the [[../Health|Health]] rules for an explanation of health levels and damage.

  • 0: Miniscule (~quarter meter) Mice, rats, etc. Health Levels are (Might (Toughness) + Essence)/2. If zero (Zero might attribute, no toughness specialty and Essence 1), any damage autokills the critter.
  • 1: Tiny (~half meter) Smaller cats and things of similar size. Health levels are (Might (Toughness) + Essence)
  • 2: Small (~1 meter) Larger dogs and such. HL = (Might (Toughness) + Essence)*2 - Alchemicals in their Essence 1 stage
  • 3: Normal (~2 meters) Normal human size. HL = (Might (Toughness) + Essence)*3 - Alchemicals in their Essence 2-4 stages
  • 4: Large (~4 meters) Horses. HL = (Might (Toughness) + Essence)*4 - Alchemicals in their Essence 5-6 stages
  • 5: Huge (~8 meters) Elephant or Orca Sized. HL = (Might (Toughness) + Essence)*5 - Alchemicals at Essence 7
  • 6: Gigantic (~16 meters) Mid-sized whales, large dinosaurs. HL = (Might (Toughness) + Essence)*6
  • 7: Colossal (~32 meters) Blue whale, the most massive sauropods. HL = (Might (Toughness) + Essence)*7
  • 8: Bigger than that (~64 meters) Yes. HL = (Might (Toughness) + Essence)*8
  • 12: Juggernaut (~1 kilometer) Ugly. HL = (Might (Toughness) + Essence)*12
  • 14: The Last Supplicant (~4 kilometers) Someone broke his face. HL = (Might (Toughness) + Essence)*14

A creature can lift and carry roughly (Might (Strength))*Size*Size*Essence in kilograms with difficulty, or half that without (much) burden.

Humans, humanoids, and Dragon Kings are normally considered to have a Stature of 3. The Small [[../Flaw|Flaw]] reduces this by 1, the Large [[../Merit|Merit]] increases it by 1. For non-Celestials, the Ox-Body [[../Talent|Talent]] increases Stature by 1, though it does not physically increase a character's size. For Celestials, Stature is increased by 2 with Ox-Body.

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