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Stunts are the term for roleplaying your action, in Exalted. In Lite, these are either neat stunts (effort is made), and cool stunts, where they are in fact cool.

Stunts count for specific benefits, instead of dice. In addition, there are only two levels of Stunts:

  • The Neat Stunt (where your move is suitably described) grants one of the following benefits
    • Regain your permanent [[../Essence|Essence]] in motes.
    • Gain a 'zero-die' pool where you normally cannot roll at all. This lets UnExalted channel a Virtue to roll dice and/or gain successes.
    • Regain a channelled [[../Virtue|Virtue]] point.
    • Gain an experience point.
    • Perform an action that, while plausible, is typically not very likely.
  • The Cool Stunt (wow factor!) grants one of the following benefits. A given Cool benefit may only be taken once per scene, unless the Storyteller -and- players deem otherwise.
    • Add your full permanent Essence in automatic successes to a roll.
    • Gain a die pool equal to your full permanent Essence when you normally have no pool.
    • Regain your permanent Essence squared in motes.
    • Regain your Essence in Virtue points.
    • Subtract your full permanent Essence from the tic cost of an action (minimum zero. Yes zero).
    • Gain your permanent Essence in experience points.
    • A miscellanious, but similarly potent effect. This can be nearly anything, including cheating death, arriving 'in the nick of time', and so on. Use dramatic license. This type of bonus should be allowed no more than once per Story.
  • Any Major Character can stunt. A character should state her action, and immediately roll, with the ST assigning whether it is Neat or Cool.
  • Storytellers are free to cap the amount of experience gained through stunting.
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