Forgotten Dawn

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One cycle of existence ends, another begins. Time has dawned anew, and there are those who still remember the First Speaker and her Acts of Creation.

Even with her parting, the world is still being forged, slowly brought into existence at the designs of the Speakers, powerful individuals with the ability to shape reality with their words. They forge empires and other things for themselves at the edges of the world, making the world larger as they satisfy their greed.

Between the eight edges of the world, grows life and all that currently is. Existing under the weight of the Speakers, the terror of the Wraiths and the wrath of the Dragons, the various races of their creation live lives of questionable meaning. The past few centuries have brought great strides of freedom, however, as those who wield the power of Words are rare, and existence grows in size with each passing day.

Speakers are those whose souls can forge the world. They are few, numbering less than a hundred, but even the youngest of them possess great power. New speakers frequently find themselves in endless persecution - old ones do not wish challengers, and the common races have little desire to serve yet another cruel god.

Wraiths are the dark avatars of the Speakers. When Speakers dream, their will takes physical form, and all their hatred, malice, and lust for vengeance bleeds into them. A Wraith cannot be slain unless her Speaker is, only endured.

Dragons are those beings left over from the previous incarnation of existence, the Speakers from Before who wanted no part in the First Speaker's renewal. Their wills are many and varied, but as forgotten gods, never to be taken lightly.

It is the Dawn of Time, and the world is not yet half made, and what exists is not yet half forged. What say will you have in its creation?

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