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Infusions are tiny fragments of the symbiotic entities that merge and produce cerevates. While almost all known patterns are of the mobius variety, infusions, like wraiths and symbionts, hold more variety to them. They are exceedingly rare - many are given unique, individual names, and though they can breed, do so even less often than in mobius patterns.

While they can bond to a substance and make sigils, an infusion may also bond to a soul. Their fragmented and near-animal intelligence allows them to produce many unique and wondrous effects, and even as they came to be fairly well understood after the Purge, they are still considered magical by most - even among the renlai and primii.

Cerevates themselves may not make use of infusions - their natures are far too potent. Homo excelsior and similarly advanced synthetic forms are also largely incapable of using infusions, which prefer to interface with more innocent, purer forms. Homo supernus and other beta-grade strains have a somewhat easier time, but, in truth, only near-original strains - such as homo panacea - are capable of using them to their full extent. Astrum parvulus and other delta-grade beings are the exception - such entities are also able to make complete utilization of them.

Hypomatter is the only material substance capable of being infused. When so performed, such objects - from baneswords to ships, are collectively called the Regalia.

There are five known types of infusions:

  • Fragments were the original infusions, and the most common.
  • Mobius infusions were the fist discovered by humans.
  • Spectral infusions were the second, and are often a form of power source.
  • Ethereal infusions.
  • Gremlins are unleashed into the Universe through the Hellnachts. The term is apt, and they will bind to most technology and earn their namesake, but clever beings have found uses for them.

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