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Well, here's my custom charms. Before you and yours rip them apart though, you get to read my vague meanderings on how i think up charms. Well, that and i'd like to get it written down sometime. I don't like to make previous charms useless, far as i'm concerened all charms in a tree should have a use. Some more than others maybe, but still a use. Other than that i'm fairly open to just about anything, splatt protection is something i'm a little iffy about. Somethings i'll agree with, such as shapechanging, fate manipulation and such things. Others such as Lunars being the best at soak, i'll argue with for hours, days, weeks. Anyway, here's my currently done charms along with little comments after each. So, you know my thoughts on why and how before you smack me round the head and call me insane.


Shadows in the Night Cost: -; Mins: Dodge 5, Essence 3: Type: Permanent Keywords: None Duration: Instant Prerequisite Charms: Seven Shadows Evasion

Solars make the impossible seem easy and the inevitable simply hopeful. Those who expect their blows to land can expect to often suffer disappointment. This charm is an upgrade charm to Seven Shadows Evasion. It's effects are simple, the Solar is allowed to use Seven Shadows Evasion in step 7 of combat resolution for an increased cost of 5motes. In all other ways it will still count as a perfect dodge for the effects of such things as the Crippling Keyword.

(Essentially, this charm was birthed when i read the Lunar Charm Snake Body Technique and screamed. Most of my characters tend to use either perfect dodge or perfect melee so that particular charm would one shot kill them usually. So, i looked at AST, stole Mins, added extra point of mote cost because it pretty much blows AST out of the water otherwise and called it a day.))

Rivers Over Mountains Cost -; Mins:Dodge 5, Essence 4 Type: Permanent Keywords: None Duration: Instant Prerequisite Charms: Flow Like Blood

A river may be forced to wind through mountains, but it will be all the more powerful for it. This is an enhancement charm for Flows like Blood. While flow like blood is active, you may add half of your current PDV to your DDV. It also allows you to use both Shadow over Water and Leaping Dodge Technique reflexively without counting as a charm use.

(When you hit essence four, bar unblockable charms. There's no way any close combat Solar is ever going to use their DDV. For the simple fact that no solar would ever put 20m into infinite dodge mastery. So, their PDV get's a blanket +5dv compared to their DDV. This charm attempts to rectify this. Problem is it runs into the DV cap. Some changes in the wordings need to be made really, though the eventual effect will be exactly the same. Alowing to use SoW and LPT was a buff to it as otherwise it's an 8xp stunt fodder charm, which is a bit harsh.)


Eye of the Storm cost 4m mins MA 3 Essence 2 Type: Reflexive keywords: Combo-Ok Duration: Until next action Prerequisite Charms : Thunderclap Rush Attack

Although all around her is motion, the solar is calmness itself. This charm causes all actions taken by the Solar or environmental penalties to have 0 effect on her DV.

(See bulwark stance, see me making a lesser version of it as the vague start to a SHS defense tree. My thoughts on this tree being that thunderclap rush is essentially a faster attack with less penalties. So the charms in this tree should be futher extrapolations on that. Charms that reward you for attacking or who's effects mainly effect that.)

Hurricane Winds Costs 3m 1wp MA 5 Essence 3 Type: Simple Keywords: Combo Ok Duration: One Scene Prerequisite Charms: Eye of the Storm

Like the storms that ravage whole cities the Solar is nothing but Motion and might. For the rest of the scene the solar reduces the DV penalty of any action by one and reduces the speed of any action by one to a minimum of three.

(Fivefold Bulwark seen through my vision of the SHS defense line. further thoughts on this include a counterattack charm and a parry of some description. Stealing HGD and solar counter seems cheap though so, futher thoughts are needed)

Shining Body of the Sun Cost: 6m+, 1wp Mins: Martial Arts 5, Essence 3; Type: Simple (speed 4) Keywords: Obvious Duration: One Scene, Combo-OK Prerequisite Charms: Solar Hero Form, Thunderclap Rush Attack

Calling upon her mastery of her body and forging it with her essence, the Solars body is outlined in a soft golden glow. This enhances the accuracy, damage and defense bonus of the Solars basic natural attacks (punches, kicks and clinches) by the exalts Martial Arts rating and also allows her to parry lethal damage without charms or stunts. Once a character with this charm reaches essence 4 they may commit 2 additional motes to make the attacks piercing or another 2 motes to make the attacks holy and soinflict aggravated damage against creatures of darkness.

(I'm not, fond, of my MAists using weapons. Most of the time anyway, sometimes i get a vision in my head and well, there ya go. Anyway, this charm is the bastard offspring of Claws of the Silver Moon and Glorious Solar Sabre. It's about equal with Solar sabre as far as effectiveness goes. 15 points as opposed to 10 but has a far lower rate at a maximum of 6. Also it lacks Sabre's ability to do such things as go +10 def or +10 accuracy or in fact both if you wish. Comparisons to CotSM are a little more, strange. Given a non warform Lunar it's probarbly better, given a Warform Lunar it's probarbly equal. Of course, you can do freaky third excelency sillyness with either of them, though that'd probarbly get you smacked round the head.)

Child of the Sun Cost: -; Mins: Melee 5, Essence 4: Type: Permanent Keywords: None Duration: Permanent Prerequisite Charms: Solar Hero Form

Those who use Solar Hero Style, attempt to imitate the Chosen of the Sun. A solar has no need to pretend such things, and simply let's her true nature shine forth. This charm is an upgrade charm to Solar Hero Form. Upon purchase of this charm Solar Hero gains the following benefits. Firstly, invoking Solar Hero no longer counts as a charm use, though it still counts as a simple action as far as speed and multiple action penalties are concerned and as a Form charm for the purposes of any other form charm the user may wish to activate. Secondly, while Solar Hero Form is activated, Fists of Iron technique, Sledgehammer fist Punch and Dragon Coil Technique may be used without counting as a charm use, though they still retain their mote costs.

(SHS is a celestial style, this is a minor attempt to improve the form charm up to Solar levels using SMA as a source. Prismatic style's form charm i believe. Essentially i stole that charms "i use all lower charms without a charm use" trick without the extra form charm ability. Threw in "use without counting as a form charm" instead.)

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