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Developed during the Primordial War by a powerful Solar warlord, the Radiant Master of War style knows only Solar and Lunar masters. Sidereals were once able to master this Art, but, as it draws on the strength and faith of thousands behind the character, the Arcane Fate prevents mastery of this style.

The Radiant Master of War stresses a combination of stealth, maneuverability, and coordination, particularly in or against large groups. Rather than focus on enhancing the abilities of the Martial Artist (though it does do that to some extent), its true focus is its ability to inspire those who follow the Master of the style. The Radiant Master of War Style thus requires War ●●○○○ and Presence ●●○○○ to learn. In addition, the style requires that the Radiant Master possess Followers at ●●●○○ or better.

Weapons and Armor: This style's form weapon is a straight sword or daiklave, as well as a tower or target shield. Practitioners of this style are considered to be unarmed when making attacks with these weapons. It may be used in armor.

List of Charms

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