Vow of Poverty

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This feat is altered slightly for an easier transition into Epic levels. Characters gain a bonus feat and another special bonus at every level - these bonuses are not specifically listed. Some abilities have been converted to Exalted feats for these purposes, and other appropriate feats may be taken. Additional changes follow:

The Ascetic may only use the following weapons, which may not be masterwork, magical, or made out of special materials:

  • Unarmed Strike (or any natural attack), Spear (short, normal, long), Javelin, Club, Quarterstaff, or Sling.

An Ascetic may not carry a spell component pouch - she must take the Eschew Materials feat if she wishes to cast such spells.

The following feats are acceptable as bonus feats:

  • Eschew Materials, Ignore Material Components (Before Epic levels, only allows you to ignore components of up to 100gp cost), Improved Natural Armor

The following feats are acceptable upon reaching Epic levels

  • Armor Skin, Great Charisma, Great Constitution, Great Dexterity, Great Intelligence, Great Strength, Great Wisdom

Any feat which may be selected more than once may not be taken more than once every 4 levels.

  1. Exalted Armor, Mystic Tithe
  2. Exalted Weapon,
  3. Exalted Armor +1,
  4. Exalted Weapon +1,
  5. Exalted Armor +2,
  6. Exalted Weapon +2,
  7. Exalted Armor +3,
  8. Exalted Weapon +3,
  9. Exalted Armor +4,
  10. Exalted Weapon +4,
  11. Exalted Armor +5,
  12. Exalted Weapon +5,
  13. Exalted Armor +6,
  14. Exalted Weapon +6,
  15. Exalted Armor +7,
  16. Exalted Weapon +7,
  17. Exalted Armor +8,
  18. Exalted Weapon +8,
  19. Exalted Armor +9,
  20. Exalted Weapon +9,

Exalted Armor - The Ascetic is protected by divine means. The specific nature of this protection is up to the player, but in effect she gains a +6 armor bonus to her AC. This is a weightless force effect - it imposes no armor check penalty, arcane spell failure chance, or speed reduction, and incorporeal creatures cannot bypass it like they would normal armor.

Beginning at 3rd level, and every odd level afterwards (5th, 7th, 9th...), the ascetic may apply a +1 bonus to this 'armor', as if it were an enchanted magic item.