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This is a simple rules set for a persistent Exalted Arena being set in OpenRPG.

Character Creation

  • Players may have only one of any given Celestial Exalted character at a time. That is, one Solar, one Lunar, one Sidereal, one Abyssal (when the 2e book is released), one Alchemical (ditto), and so on.
  • Players may have one dragon-blooded of each element.
  • Character creation is standard. However, during the course of Exalted Arena, some Charms, Artifacts, or Hearthstones may be changed or banned outright (the process is described below).
  • All characters must be approved by an ST for use.

Server Rules

  • Fights are official on the Exalted Arena server only.
  • Server-sided dice are mandatory. That is, dice are rolled a la {3d10.vs(7)} instead of [3d10.vs(7)]. This is not optional.
  • All actions are logged, of course, but you must keep your own fight-log as well. This is a fairly simple log where you record the room you were in, the character you used and her Tier, the character(s) you fought and their Tiers, the type of fight (social, physical, etc.), the amount of essence and wp spent, health levels lost, and the result.
  • Once a character concedes or is knocked unconscious, the fight is over, and no more actions may be taken. If, somehow, the character does die (note the Incapacitated Health Levels equal Permanent Essence house rule), then the character will be removed from the Roster.

Advancement Rules

  • As mentioned above, you log every fight your character participates in, and you begin at Tier 0 (Neophyte). Every 5 fights, you are considered to have advanced a Tier. This gives you a new xp total to play with.

House and Game Rules

  • Characters have Incapacitated health levels equal to their permanent Essence score. This is to make things slightly more survivable. This is the only 'real' house rule, currently.
  • 3 xp purchases a background dot.
  • By default, 2-die stunts are assumed, as long as some roleplay is given. If a player's role-playing is consistently above or below par, they may be relegated to 1 or 3 die stunts as appropriate. This will be done by no less than 3 GMs.
  • Second-Edition rules only. This means no merits or flaws are allowed. If the book for a given type is not yet out, it cannot be played.
  • All 2e books are allowed, but you must create a summary for any Charm, Hearthstone, or Artifact that you use outside of the core book or a core splat (the Manuals of Exalted Power).

Getting things Banned