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1100: The Battle of Fate's Gorge

Following a slight to the Matsu family's generals, Isawa and Matsu forces meet on the field of battle to prove once and for all whether the Imperial shugenja are truly needed by the Emperor. In an attempt to interrupt the Lion's leadership, Master of Water Isawa Kaiyoko, magically teleports eight Shiba bushi into the war tent of the Lion to kill General Matsu Uniri and his wife Yunaki. The Phoenix fail to account for the couple's daughter, however, and ten-year-old Matsu Tsuko saves her mother's life by crushing the throat of the final Phoenix assassin with a boken. With Matsu Yunaki leading the Lion troops, the Phoenix are defeated on the field of battle the following day.

1103: Hantei XXXVIII takes the Throne

At the age of 26, the rightful heir to the throne, Hantei Jodan, is crowned the 38th Emperor of Rokugan. A daring and spirited young man, Hantei XXXVIII finds his life force slowly crushed over the years by relentless conflicts between the Great Clans.

1107: Hantei Sotorii is born

After the death of his third wife, Hantei XXXVIII took up the company of a Crane concubine. As soon as the boy is born and survives (infant mortality is always a factor in Rokugan), the Emperor marries his mother, making her the Empress and Sotorii the heir to the throne. Unfortunately, his mother dies victim of a mysterious fever a short three years after his birth.

1109: The Wasp Clan is founded

Born of a Scorpion father and a Lion mother, the young man named Tsuruchi survives both clans' treachery, losing both his parents and the castle that is his birthright. With cunning and stealth, he reclaims his home and kills the Lion that usurped it, his uncle. Tsuruchi presents his dilemma to the Emerald Champion, a Crane who shares his distaste for the Lion and Scorpion, and is given leave to create his own clan. The Wasp Clan is born, sworn into the service of the Emerald Champion.

1111: The Yotsu family name granted

A mountain dwelling ronin, the warrior Yotsu discovers that the caravan of Empress Hochiahime (Hantei XXXVIII's second wife) has been attacked by a large Bloodspeaker cult. The cultists kill the Empress' infant children, and all of the Seppun guardsmen attached to the caravan. The Empress Hochiahime and the young heir Sotorii are taken captive, intended for a sacrifice in order to fulfill an ancient prophecy. Yotsu creeps into the camp with the blade of a fallen guardsman. Though he knows he cannot possibly defeat the Bloodspeakers alone, he asks the Empress for permission to die in the Empress' name. The Empress forbids it, instead insisting the ronin rescue the heir Sotorii, passing Yotsu a message for the Hantei to mourn her and her unborn child.
With no other options, Yotsu exchanges his youngest son in Sotorii's place and leaves. Weeks later the young heir is reunited with his true father, the Emperor Hantei XXXVIII. In recognition of Yotsu's sacrifice, he is given the name Yotsu Yatoshin, the name of the Emperor's father, and a small fiefdom in the Mountains of Regret as well as rule over a district in Otosan Uchi. Later explorations by the Imperial Legions find the Bloodspeaker Cult gone, and it is presumed that Empress Hochiahime was sacrificed to their blasphemous rituals.

1116: Sword of Yotsu otokudate formed

Yotsu Yatoshin begins swearing ronin outside his family to the Yotsu name and training them in the techniques he devised while living deep in the mountains.

1117: Yorimoto becomes the Daimyo of the Mantis Clan

Well known for his anger over the Mantis' station as a Minor Clan, many of the Mantis feel that Yoritomo will lead them to greatness, perhaps paving the way for them to play a more significant role in Rokugan.

1121: The Three Man Alliance is formed

After a series of minor skirmishes, the Scorpion send one of their promising young generals, Bayushi tomaru, to crush the Minor clans that border their lands to the east: the Fox, Wasp, and Sparrow clans. Supremely confident of his abilities and forces, Tomaru drastically underestimates his opposition and is ambushed by the combined forces of all three clans. Tomaru is utterly humiliated by the defeat while the Minor Clans are greatly emboldened by the success of their battle. The three form a permanent alliance against the Scorpion Clan's predations.

1123: The Hare Clan is destroyed

Manipulated by a Kolat splinter group, Scorpion general Bayushi Tomaru seeks to cleanse his name by leading a massive Scorpion force against the Hare Clan. The Hare are accused of attacking a Scorpion diplomat and seizing materials that belong to the Scorpion. Usagi Oda, the Hare Clan daimyo, is killed and most of the clan's meager holdings are destroyed. Of Oda's children, his eldest son Ozaki escapes and his daughter Tomoe is taken hostage by Tomaru. She is shortly thereafter taken by the Kolat.

1123: The Scorpion Clan Coup

Driven by a lost prophecy of Uikku and the bloodsword Ambition, Scorpion Champion Bayushi Shoju masterminds an extensive plot to assassinate Hantei XXXVIII and his heir, ending the Hantei line before it can bring ruin to the Empire. The enormity of such a task proves beyond the Scorpion's capabilities and they cannot hold Otosan Uchi against the Combined Great Clans. Furthermore, they are deceived by Phoenix magic into believing that the Emperor's heir is dead when he in fact escaped the purge. When he returns to Otosan Uchi following a hasty gempukku ceremony in Phoenix lands, he ends the Bayushi line by marrying Shoju's widow, Bayushi Kachiko and dissolves the Scorpion Clan.

1123 - 1129: The Scorpion in Hiding

The Imperial Legions march on a mission of vengeance, destroying every Scorpion palace save Shiro Yogo. All Scorpion who do not abandon their family names are killed or exiled by the vengeful Legions. Bayushi Kachiko subtly gives her followers a single command: "wait." Many Scorpion loyalists hide their masks and set their daisho aside, or build secret compounds in the Empire's deep mountains and forests. There, they plan their revenge.

1129: The Day of Thunder

The Scorpion unexpectedly aid the Empire when Kachiko commands the hidden Scorpion to ally with the army of the Seven Thunders. The appearance of so many trained samurai bolsters the flagging armies, and many do not even pause to question where the Scorpion have been all these years.

1129: Coronation of Toturi I

Following Fu Leng's defeat and a brief period of frantic rebuilding in Otosan Uchi, ronin and former Lion Champion Toturi is crowned Emperor. One of Toturi's first actions as Emperor is to restore the Scorpion to Great Clan status. Bayushi Kachiko accepts her former husband's position as Scorpion Clan Champion.

1130: Disappearance of Toturi and banishment of the Scorpion

On the eve of his second anniversary as Emperor, Toturi I disappears. The only clues left behind are his bloodstained bedclothes in his private chambers in Otosan Uchi. Acting as regent, Toturi's lieutenant Takuan orders Emerald Champion Kakito Toshimoko to punish the Scorpion for their "obvious treachery." Correctly believing the Scorpion innocent of this crime, Toshimoko banishes them from the Empire rather than ordering them killed. Toshimoko orders the Scorpion Clan's children to be fostered to the Crane Clan, ostensibly as insurance against their retaliation against Rokugan. In reality, this is an act of mercy, for Toshimoko knows the children are unlikely to survive the difficult journey.

1130: Corssing the Burning Sands

Surviving the trek across the desert through their sheer tenacity, the Scorpion forces arrive at Medinaat al-Salaam, an oasis city within the Burning Sands. They are assaulted by the Senpet Empire, a massive kingdom of polytheistic warriors and sorcerers. The Senpet enslave the majority of the clan and put them to work in their copper mines. Bayushi Kachiko is taken captive, but is mistaken for Selqet, a figure from Senpet mythology. A handful of Scorpion escape captivity, including Bayushi Tangen and Shosuro Tage.

1131: Turmoil in Medinaat al-Salaam

With Selqet's appearance, the factions in Medinaat al-Salaam are thrown into chaos, as many believe a great prophecy is about to be fulfilled. Kachiko is believed to be one of the Four Avatars, the figures necessary to free an entity known as the Goddess. As the unrest increases, however, it is eventually revealed that it is Shosuro Tage, not Kachiko, who is an Avatar. Together with the other Avatars, Tage releases the Goddess from a poisonous realm called the Black Earth. The Goddess, worshipped throughout the Burning Sands, is none other than the Kami Shinjo, founder of the Unicorn Clan.

1131: The Scorpion lands are contested

Citing an Imperial edict that gives the Mantis the duty of patrolling all non-affiliated lands, Mantis Champion Yoritomo attempts to seize control of the former Scorpion lands. Unknown to the Empire, this act is the result of a secret arrangement between the two clans wherein the Mantis will safeguard the land until the Scorpion's return. Bayushi Aramoro's only son, Bayushi Aramasu, is given to the Mantis as a hostage to seal this bargain. The arrangement is complicated by the treachery of Crane Champion Doji Kuwanan, who seeks to claim the Scorpion lands for his Clan. The Crane take the Mantis armies by surprise near the Crane-Scorpion border, and Yoritomo has little choice but to retreat.

1132: Gift of the Emperor

The Emperor Toturi I holds a contest to see who will ultimately control the Scorpion lands. Each clan is allowed a single participant, and a lone ronin is permitted to enter as well. The ronin emerges as the victor, and reveals his true identity: Bayushi Aramoro, Bayushi Shoju's brother. Aramoro requests the return of the Scorpion's lands and rightful place among the Great Clans. For the second time in his reign as Emperor, Toturi restores the Scorpion Clan.

1132: War in the Heavens

During the chaotic events surrounding the death and replacement of Lady Sun and Lord Moon, the Scorpion forces return to Rokugan. Among their number are several gaijin from beyond the Burning Sands, including the terrible Senpet warrior Abresax and a number of enigmatic Ashalan. Also accompanying the Scorpion is the Kami Shinjo, freed from her imprisonment. A huge army of nomadic Moto accompanies the Scorpion, rejoining their Unicorn brethren.

1150: Devastation of Beiden Pass

The War of Spirits comes to a conclusion as Phoenix shugenja and Scorpion saboteurs collapse Beiden Pass upon the Steel Chrysanthemum's armies. The Empire's crossroads is destroyed, buy Hantei XVI's attempt to claim the throne is crushed.

1158: Death of Toturi

En route to Ryoko Owari, possibly to meet with his illigitimate son Akodo Kaneka, Toturi I is ambushed by a huge force of Shadowlands creatures. The Scorpion defend him as best they are able, but their honor guard is caught completely off-guard by the massive horde of goblins and Tsuno. The Onisu Fushin, Nightmare of the Scorpion, cuts down the Emperor in a duel. The Scorpion are greatly shamed by their failure to defend the Emperor, and the Kuroiban immediately begin scouring the Empire for the oni that murdered Toturi.

1158: The Shadowed Tower is revealed

A dangerous splinter group is revealed within the Scorpion led by the returned spirit of Shosuri Fuyari - actually the spirit of Gozoku leader Bayushi Atsuki masquerading as Fuyari. The group, called the Shadowed Tower, promotes a return to the shadows, abandoning the high visibility that Clan Champion Bayushi Yojiro has brought to the clan. The members of the Shadowed Tower consider maho and other foul practices acceptable ways to serve the clan so long as the result is worth the risk. Many notable personalities join the Tower, including Bayushi Ogura and Yogo Tjeki.

1158: Scorpion governance of the Emerald Championship

At the behest of Hantei Naseru, the Scorpion oversee the Test of the Emerald Champion to replace the ailing Kakita Toshiken. Scorpion entrant Bayushi Kwanchai deliberately injures Shiba Aikune, son of Phoenix Champion Shiba Tsukune, bringing himself great dishonor. An Isawa shugenja heals Aikune's leg, unintentionally disqualifying the Phoenix due to the stipulation that only the Scorpion may perform religious ceremonies (such as magic) during the tournament. The Crane contestant, Yasuki Hachi, is declared Emerald Champion, but everyone believes him to be in collusion with the Scorpion and Hantei Naseru to assure his victory.

1158: Bayushi Kaukatsu appointed Imperial Chancellor

The Scorpion Clan is chosen by the Otomo and the Imperial Court to appoint an Imperial Chancellor, a single individual who will be responsible for maintaining relations between the Four Winds. The Scorpion choice for the chancellor is hardly a surprise: Bayushi Kaukatsu, unrivaled master of the Imperial Court, accepts the position on behalf of his family and clan.

1159: Otosan Uchi is destroyed

Crushed in a sudden onslaught by the Shadowlands Horde, Otosan Uchi is reduced to a smoldering ruin. Several Scorpion heroes are forged in the city's pyre, including Bayushi Tai, the shadowy warrior who aids Toturi Tsudao in defeating Daigotsu and driving him from the Imperial Palace. Tai offers to cleanse the Steel Throne of its Taint, while secretly planning to take it to the Shadowed Tower.

1159: Bayushi Yojiro secretly retires

In the face of the Shadowed Tower's cultural revolution, Bayushi Yojiro secretly retires. He gives his handpicked successor the Celestial Sword of the Scorpion as well as his signature armor. With these gifts, Yojiro's successor can impersonate him, presenting the Shadowed Tower with a foe they believe they can anticipate, but of whom they truly know nothing.
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