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Welcome to Xeriar's wiki. There are currently 428 articles and 9 files here.

This is a semiprivate Wiki I'm using for my own things. Namely:

  • Solar Storms, is currently my primary creative project. It's an epic science fantasy setting set in the distant future.
  • Arcthra, a custom Dungeon and Dragons setting I've toyed with off and on since I was about twelve.
  • All Creation, an Exalted campaign that, as is, likely never will be.
  • Exalted Lite, a project I will likely not continue. I generally feel that effort is better spent on my own projects, so I work on Solar Storms instead. It wasn't worthless by any stretch - it made me think a lot about how systems were designed.
  • Forgotten Dawn, is mostly defunct. I keep it around for potential future inspiration and I draw inspiration for Senrain through it.
  • Legend of the Five Rings, an oriental roleplaying game by AEG (Alderac Entertainment Group). I'm generally detailing the state of Rokugan as it was for the first edition RPG, as I believe that was a more solid setting.
  • Senrain, a setting where the players are demigods of sorts.
  • The d2 System and anything else I feel like placing here.

If you want to edit or add content here, you will have to ask me for an account (your previous login and such will still work).

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