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This is an (eventually) Creation-spanning campaign that will consist of multiple STs running chronicles in tandem. They will be high-powered, epic, and world-shaking.

The current ST's are Muse and myself (Xeriar), but any player familiar with the rules can run a Chronicle.


A Chronicle is a given ST's main storyline, consisting of their overall metaplot for a specific region. Others can run their own adventures in the region, of course, but these need to fit within the overall main story - if you wish to run your own event in a Chronicle, run it by the CST (Chronicle Storyteller) first. Crossover between Chronicles is possible, but it will be rare - they will usually influence each other through intermediaries - news spreading, and so on.


Chronicles are broken down by weeks. First of Ascending Fire, Second of Ascending Fire, and so on. Calibration occurs after the Fourth week of Descending Fire, making 61 'Weeks' per year.

During a given Week, players of a given Chronicle will declare their main character's goals. Rather than continuous sessions with strict GM involvement, these will largely be roleplaying exercises with challenges that may even be player-run. The benefits of these will be commensurate with the character's capabilities, and challenges posed. Going artifact-hunting in the safer areas of Rathess may reward a minor artifact, for example, and what gets considered 'safer' will expand with the player's capabilities.

For the above reasons, the players are expected to be creative, and willing to develop and document parts of the setting as well. Rather than force the poor storyteller to come up with every last detail of a given week, players instead roleplay out specific scenes with each other in order to show their progress.

  • Four weeks will pass in-game for every week that passes in real life, except for Calibration, which will always last an entire week. This may be suspended or accelerated under certain conditions but is otherwise the intended pace of the game.
  • The game begins with some events during Ascending Air of the Year of the Mouse (768), just after Calibration.


Events occur when players or the Storyteller decide to shake up the chronicle a bit. They take the place of normal weekly training, searching, and development, and are much more like traditional gaming sessions. These will ideally be scheduled to complete in a given day.

Experience Awards

Roleplaying doesn't have to be with the Storyteller, but instead can be with NPCs or PCs other players have created. XP is given for this, and is largely self-policed.

For the purposes of determining xp gains, roleplay is broken down into blocks (~120 sentences), which are further sub-divided into segments (~20 sentences). Once a character has earned a full block they receive its rewards (1 xp, and 3 background-only xp), and their roleplay begins counting towards the next one.

A character can earn receive xp for up to four blocks of roleplay per in-game month, or real-life week (resulting in a maximum of 4 xp + 12 background xp). At the end of a week, leftover segments are totaled up, and xp is awarded based on the chart below.

  • Segments (# of sentences): Reward
  • 1 (20): 1 background-only xp
  • 2 (40): 2 background-only xp
  • 3 (60): 3 background-only xp
  • 4 (80): 1 xp + 1 background-only xp
  • 5 (100): 1 xp + 2 background-only xp
  • 6 (120): 1 xp + 3 background-only xp

These can be eyeballed, roughly, I'm not too concerned about trusted players cheating on this since it's invitation only.

  • Major characters in a chronicle have an xp total equal to half their player's main character, provided they are played somewhat regularly.
  • All Charm, Combo, Ability, and Background purchases require ST approval. This is mostly to make sure rules are being adhered to and to prevent nonsense like a bunch of 1-dot manses, but third-circle stuff (SMAs, Solar Sorcery, Void Necromancy), will be looked at more closely.
  • Background dots above 3 cost double (6 xp), and triple above 5 (9 xp). Thus, to buy a background with a given rating:
  1. 3 xp
  2. 6 xp
  3. 9 xp
  4. 15 xp
  5. 21 xp
  6. 30 xp