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Exalted Lite is an extensive rethinking of the Exalted system, from the ground up. In a way, it has become a bit of a system-building exercise. As it nears something of a final form, I find it harder and harder to go 'back' to the first or second edition rules. This will be take three on the project. I've come up with another 'reduction' of the rules, generalized in the D2 System. - Xeriar

Core Rules

Core Rules - As opposed to core. Covers more random topics.

  • Lexicon - A Glossary of sorts.
  • Lifespan - Lifespan rules. Written on a whim so here they are.
  • Stunting - As in being cool, not growth.

Trait Rules

Traits are those parameters that describe the numbers and qualities of a character.

  • Primary Traits - Attributes, Virtues and Essence
  • Secondary Traits - Derived Traits like Health, Integrity, Resilience, and Resolve.
    • Health - Health and Damage rules.
    • Foundations - A character's causes, loyalties, beliefs, and so on.
  • Tertiary Traits - A set of largely optional, but helpful Traits.
    • Knacks - Knacks are a bit like specialties, but instead of granting bonuses, they negate a penalty in limited context.
    • Specialties - Specialties add dice to roll in specific contexts, or otherwise modify a specific Attribute for a single, specific purpose.
    • Flaws - Not so beneficial things that may be inflicted upon you.

Character Rules

Character Rules - A brief overview of what is to follow.

  • Advancement - Advancement rules - experience costs for things.
    • The Alchemicals - Metal-like shining things
    • Dragon Kings - Noble savages from an ancient age.
    • Elementals - The shattered remnants of much greater things.
    • Ghosts - What mortals get to be when they meet just about anything else in the setting.
    • Mountain Folk - Rules for the jadeborn.
    • Raksha - They come for your soul!
    • Akuma - Those who sold their souls to the Yozis.
    • Beastmen - When Lunars or others have a little too much fun.
    • Demon Blooded - Children of demons.
    • Dragon Touched - DB parents tend to consider them failures, still, they've got a leg up on mortals.
    • Elemental Blooded - Air, Earth, Fire, Water or Wood, it was probably awkward.
    • Fair Blooded - Probably involved tentacles.
    • Ghost Blooded - Taking necrophillia a step too far.
    • God Blooded - The gods are stepping seriously out of line.
    • Half Caste - When the Celestial Exalted try to have normal kids.
    • MetalTouched - When Alchemicals have kids. The very idea just sounds painful
    • Rock Blooded - Mother was made of jade?


Rules for Celestial Characters

Awareness, Creation, Expression, Harmony, Intellect, Might, Natural, Prowess, Subterfuge, and Warfare

  • Calling - Those paths the Celestials have forged for them.
    • Archon - The grand executioners of Creation, masters of Awareness
    • Champion - Those who fight for Creation, masters of Warfare
    • Exemplar - Those who Serve and guide Creation, mistresses of Expression
    • Justiciar - High judges of the Exalted, unweavers of Subterfuge
  • Abyssal - Dark reflections of the Solar Exalted.
  • Astral - Astral Exalted are Sidereals who have been twisted to the goals of the Yozis.
  • Bestial - Bestial Exalted were once Lunars, now corrupted to serve the Yozis.
  • Chimera - Wyld-twisted remnants of the Lunar Exalted.
  • Elysian - Strange counterparts of the Empyreals from the Wyld above.
  • Empyreal - Once destroyed during the Primordial War, perhaps it takes more to slay the Incarnae than the Primordials thought.
  • Infernal - Infernal Exalted are twisted Solars who now serve the Yozis.
  • Lunar - The servants of Luna, warrior-spies of the Exalted, Natural masters.
  • Sidereal - Chosen of the Maidens, masters of fate and Intellect.
  • Solar - Chosen of the Unconquered Sun, lords of Creation, masters of Harmony.

Attribute Rules

Attribute Rules - Basic rules regarding the attributes.

Charm Rules

Charm Rules - Basic Charm breakdowns and rules

  • Anchar - Anchars are the Charms of the Raksha
  • Animus - Animii are the Charms of Gods and Demons
  • Arcanos - Arcanoi are the Charms of Ghosts
  • Art - The Martial Arts, the Sorcerous Arts, the Necromantic Arts, the Weaving Arts, etc.
    • Circleless Arts - The Beginner's Arts. These Charms are simple in their function, requiring two Attribute prerequisites. Thaumaturgy, etc. falls here.
    • First Circle Arts - Terrestrial Martial Arts, Emerald Sorcery, Man-Machine Weaving, Shadowlands Necromancy. Requires three attribute prerequisites and Essence 3.
    • Second Circle Arts - Celestial Martial Arts, Sapphire Sorcery, God-Machine Weaving, Labyrinth Necromancy. Requires four to six attribute prerequisites and Essence 5.
    • Third Circle Arts - Sidereal Martial Arts, Adamant Sorcery, Void Necromancy. Requires seven to nine attribute prerequisites and Essence 7.
  • Doom - Dooms are special, semi-generic Charms unique to the Celestial Exalted (Abyssals, Chimerae, Lunars, Sidereals, and Solars)
  • Excellency - Excellencies are the counterpart to dooms, unique to the Celestial Exalted.
  • Flaw - For these purposes, Flaws are a kind of reverse Merit.
  • Implant - Implants are the Charms of the Alchemical Exalted.
  • Merit - Merits are Charms anyone, including mortals, may gain.
  • Mutations - A subset of Merits and Flaws, kinda.
  • Path - Paths are the Charms of Dragon Blooded, Dragon Kings, and Elementals
  • Rune - Runes are the Charms of the Mountain Folk
  • Talent - Talents are a term for Universal Charms, common to most Essence Wielders.
    • Celestial Talents - Talents known only to the Abyssals, Chimerae, Lunars, Sidereals and Solars
    • Elemental Talents - Talents known only to the Elementals, Dragon-Blooded, and sometimes Dragon Kings.
    • Universal Talents - Talents common to all natural Essence Wielders.