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Guardians of the Black Scrolls, the most universally hated clan in the Empire, and its members wouldn't have it any other way. The Scorpion are the clan of secrets and intrigue, and it takes a keen mind to escape their machinations - and even then, one can never be too sure. Many among the Lion, Crab, and Unicorn would crush them in an instant - if they thought they could get away with it.

  • Clan Champion: Bayushi Shoju
  • Capital: Kyuden Bayushi
  • Colors: Blood Red, Black
  • Population: 2,200,000 (Including 200,000+ samurai)
  • Imports: Raw Materials
  • Exports: Information


  • Bayushi Family
    • Daimyo: Bayushi Shoju
    • Motto:
    • Bonus: +1 Agility
    • Schools: Bayushi Bushi (3rd), Bayushi Courtier (3rd), Bayushi Saboteur (School Update 3),
    • Advanced: Scorpion Instigator (Supai - School Update 3)
    • Paths: Bayushi Elite Guard (School Update 3), The Folding Leg (School Update 3), Bayushi Violator (TFW P. 18), Bitter Lies Swordsman (TFW P. 18 - Must be taught by Tangen)
    • Vassals:
  • Soshi Family
    • Daimyo: Soshi Bantaro
    • Motto:
    • Bonus: +1 Perception
    • Schools: Soshi Shugenja (3rd)
    • Advanced:
    • Paths: Kuroiban (School Update 3)
    • Vassals:
  • Yogo Family
    • Daimyo: (soon to be Yogo Junzo)
    • Motto:
    • Bonus: +1 Willpower
    • Schools: Yogo Shugenja (TFW P. 176 - those with Yogo Curse only)
    • Advanced:
    • Paths: Yogo Ward Master (School Update 3)
    • Vassals:

Relations with other Clans

  • Crab Clan - They have a duty, and they perform it well. While they are easily duped, one must be certain not to detract from their purpose. Tools they may be, but they are tools currently in use.
    • The Crab have had a lot of conflicts with the Scorpion. It never breaks out into full-scale war, however.
  • Crane Clan - How nice. Someone with everything to lose.
  • Dragon Clan - Hiding in their mountains, seeking only enlightenment, they are difficult to manipulate. In the end, there is almost never a reason to, making them impotent.
    • The Scorpion and Dragon have had a few large conflicts.
  • Lion Clan - They'll attack whomever you tell them to if you know how to point properly.
    • The Scorpion and Lion have had many, many, many conflicts.
  • Mantis Clan - The Mantis have threatened the Emperor before. Their bearing has not become any more noble since, and their ambition bears watching.
    • The Scorpion have not had any conflict with the Mantis.
  • Phoenix Clan - Battles with the Phoenix must be chosen and executed with care. Most tricks only work once, and that's not enough when they return from the dead.
    • The Scorpion have had few direct conflicts with the Phoenix. All the same, no clan has been more successful in infiltrating the other.
  • Unicorn Clan - Young, foolish, and overconfident. Honest and unashamed, manipulating them is harder, but often there is no need to.
    • The Scorpion and the Unicorn have had a few major battles.
  • Ronin - At best, more tools.

The Scorpion hold the minor clans of Rokugan - especially the Wasp Clan - in pure contempt.

Important Notes

The Scorpion have not been dishonored (a subjective term...), and still remain one of the honored great clans with full status. They have not yet instigated the coup - or are even planning it yet.

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