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Traveling faster than the speed of light. This is not directly possible normally by Special Relativity, so, in Solar Storms, humanity and others cheat through various means.

Tachyons were the first method so discovered by humans, enabling faster-than-light communications over vast distances. This is immensely energy intensive, but it is significantly faster than luminal motion between gates and worlds. Without the aid of a Klein tap or an immense amount of patterns, projectors - called satmets - require a significant fraction of a star's output to be viable.

Stargates were the second method engineered by humans. These use immense amounts of energy to warp a region of space between two stars, such that a distance in light-years is reduced to that of several millimeters. Humans built a few dozen such pairs before the Purge, and the eight gates that once linked to Sol are now known as the Dreadskearns. The Triad use those gates constructed by other races - human or otherwise, but it is not beyond such races as the Virgon to make use of them. Black holes can be used to make a special form of gate, capable of crossing much greater distances.

The power and efficiency of the Regalia allows for them to make use of capabilities that, for reasons of energy density and normal theoretical limits, simply are not possible for lesser constructions. These are many, varied, and can be stealthy or showy as their owners wish.

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