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Anenris is the name of my company, which provides computer support to the Twin Cities, Minnesota area. It's what I do, and it's fun, so there. This wiki exists to support several projects of mine.

Solar Storms is a rather large work in progress for my own role=playing game. One should be aware that it's not all fact, yadda yadda yadda.

Exalted Lite is another oversized project in which I try to make the system better. I have at least some token support, so I know it's not a lost cause.

Arcthra is an expansive Dungeons and Dragons setting that I have been tinkering with for some time now. I eventually want to implement it in Neverwinter Nights 2.

Forgotten Dawn is a fantasy world which takes place at the beginning of time, with the world still being forged by the powerful Speakers. While not such an expansive setting as my other projects, the goal is a sort of 'clay world' type.

Whitespace is a science fiction game I've been toying with making. I work on it when I'm tired of hard science.

Senrain is a fantasy game I've done rather little with so far. Its purpose is to be absurd, really, using levels and all that fun stuff.

Legend of the Five Rings is my own little project, wherein I attempt to recreate the setting as it was in the original, first-edition RPG setting. I have a strong dislike for the metaplot past the events of the Clan War, so ... yeah. Also, I disagree with a few of the school decisions, though I will not be performing such a heavy rework of the rules as I am for Exalted.

Dragon Ball Z - Broken may or may never come to fruition.