L5R Ninth Century

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815: The Unicorn Clan returns to Rokugan

After eight centuries of wandering abroad, the clan once known as the Ki-Rin return at last to the Emerald Empire. Pursued by the hordes of the Shadowlands, the Unicorn know they cannot afford to take time to peacefully explain their approach to the Crab. Instead, the Unicorn return with a vengeance. Their powerful cavalry smashes through the Crab fortifications and speeds into Rokugan. When confronted by an army of the Scorpion Clan, the Unicorn display bizarre gaijin tactics, granting them another crushing victory at the Battle of White Shore Plain. As the Great Clans debate over whether or not to attack the strangers again, the Unicorn emissaries find allies among the Crane by returning a fan given to Shinjo by Lady Doji centuries ago. The Emperor decrees that the Ki-Rin have come home and restores their land to them.

815: The Naga stir in their sleep

Distracted by the return of the Unicorn, a small force of Shadowlands creatures forge through the Crab's defenses and make it into Rokugan. Moving through the Shinomen Mori, the creatures destroy a large clutch of Naga eggs. Many Naga are awakened by the disturbance in the Akasha, and quickly crush all traces of the Shadowlands force. A foul, tainted marsh is all that remains of the creatures' army.

816: A new Hiruma school established

After a full century with no formal school in which to train their Hiruma scouts, the Crab realize that the techniques of the Hiruma are seriously atrophied. Nothing remains of their once renowned techniques, and plans are launched to build a new school. The Hiruma, however, refuse to accept charity from their kin and will not attend a school occupied by another Crab family.
The newly returned Unicorn provide a solution. As a gesture of goodwill to assuage their earlier violation of the Crab's defenses, they offer to house and train Hiruma students among the Shinjo family. The Hiruma accept, and in return, they assist the Unicorn in constructing their new homes in Rokugan. Within a matter of months, the techniques of the Hiruma swiftly improve with access to adequate training facilities and the advice of experienced Shinjo scouts.

820: The Kitsuki family of the Dragon Clan is formed

Agasha Kitsuki, a brilliant yet lackluster student of the Agasha Shugenja School, is accused of murder. Given twenty-four hours to prove his innocence, Kitsuki produces both proof and testimony exonerating him. In recognition of his incredible powers of perception, he is given leave by the Dragon Clan to form his own family, the Kitsuki.

825: The Moto ride to the Shadowlands

Hoping to aid the Crab in their struggle against the Shadowlands, Moto Tsume, daimyo of the Moto, leads a large force into the dark lands. He does not return.

827: Battle of the Chrysanthemum Petals

Moto Tsume returns from the Shadowlands at the head of a great Shadowlands army, brutally attacking the Crab and his former kin in the Unicorn. Though the Crab and Unicorn manage to fight off the invading horde, the surviving Moto are stained by the utter corruption of their daimyo. On that day, the White Guard are born, a group of Moto warriors who wear only white -- the color of death - and will not rest until the last Dark Moto has been slain for good.

827: The Battle of the Broken Daisho

Faced with a conflict between the Lion and the Crane that might plunge the Empire into war, Phoenix Champion Shiba Toriiko takes an army of Phoenix and intercedes. The Phoenix warriors keep the armies of the other clans from reaching one another, but do not lift a finger in their own defense, dying by the dozens in the hands of Lion archers. Perplexed, both Lion and Crane pull back. The Crane general, Kakita Gosano, is incensed and enters a duel with Toriiko despite her obviously superior dueling skills. Toriiko never flinches, and is cut down. Deeply shamed by his pride, Gosano sends his forces home and enters a monastery, vowing to work toward the peaceful world Toriiko desired.

830: The Shimushigaki is defeated

Twelve shugenja valiantly sacrifice themselves to banish the Shimushigaki, a powerful gaki returned from the spirit realms following its defeat with Iuchiban's armies. A shrine is erected in the shugenjas' honor, and the monks there believe that so long as the Bells of the Dead ring regularly, the Shimishigaki cannot return to the mortal world.

834: Founding of the Falcon Clan

The Emperor grants the lands of the Toritaka province to the son of an ashigaru spearman who had saved the life of the Imperial Advisor. Yotogi (the peasant boy) quickly discovers the nature of the assassin -- a peasant half-maddened by the possession of an evil spirit. The Falcon quickly finds their meaning when their studies into the nature of ghosts and other supernatural occurrences lead them to be in high demand. The Falcon, because of their nature, have been allies of the Crab since the beginning.
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