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The Mantis Clan is by far the largest and most powerful of the Minor Clans, whose numbers and abilities are a match for the remaining minor clans combined. Only the Fox Clan has a voice at the Imperial Court alongside them, though because they lack a family name and are somewhat younger, they do not quite have the political power of the Kitsune family. They are most renowned for their wealth, as, like the Unicorn, they do a great deal of trade - both legally and otherwise - with the gaijin nations, and the Isles of Silk and Spice are aptly named.

  • Clan Champion: Yoritomo
  • Capital: Kyuden Gotei
  • Colors: Teal Green, Gold
  • Population: 1,100,000 (including 70,000+ Samurai)
  • Imports: Raw Materials
  • Exports: Silk, Spices, Exotic Goods


The Mantis have no families. They once had one - the Gusai family in year 438, awarded by Empress Yugozohime after a show of rather insolent bravery by Gusa - then leader of the Mantis, by bringing a knife to her throat. She then ordered Gusa's execution. They lost the name in the year 510 when Gusai Rioshida attempted to stage a coup by holding the Emperor's son hostage.

Still, they exist as the only minor clan with both multiple schools and more than three bushi techniques to their name.


  • Mantis Bushi (See Yoritomo Bushi in 3rd Edition. First four ranks only. The fifth rank is developed during the Clan War))
  • Mantis Courtier (See Yoritomo Courtier in 3rd Edition. First four ranks only. This isn't so much a school yet as the way more Courtly Mantis have learned to operate.)
  • Mantis Shugenja (See Yoritomo Shugenja in The Four Winds, page 164-165. While not limited in ranks, their technique is slightly lesser, and provides no free raise for water spells - merely the 'extra affinity' for water spells cast over water or in view of the coast.)

Mantis do not have access to the 'minor clan' paths and schools. These require, to some extent, and acceptance of their station, which simply does not suit them.

Relations with other Clans

Crab Clan - Dour brothers unwilling to explore or appreciate the finer oddities of life. They demand the Mantis' assistance on the wall, but refuse offers of help when it comes to naval matters.

Crane Clan - Fops who are all too happy to pay a healthy premium of the Emperor's coin for the fine goods that they offer.

  • Mantis pirates sometimes take advantage of Crane shipping, though it is rather limited.

Dragon Clan - The Mantis rarely come into contact with such hermits. Most of what they know about them is hearsay and rumor.

Lion Clan - Far more numerous - and belligerent, the only reason the two have not held open war is because the Lion are landlocked and have never managed to march a significant force to the Ocean. Still, their might demands respect.

Phoenix Clan - As the smallest of the Great Clans, some voices among the Mantis believe that the Phoenix could be uprooted and the Mantis could take their place. They frequently view their 'victory' over the Phoenix upon their clan's founding as a divine mandate.

  • While the conflict that founded the clan is notable, quite a few naval skirmishes have occurred.

Scorpion Clan - The Mantis tend to pay them little regard. They bully them at court and have no fear of facing their treachery in battle.

Unicorn Clan - Rare fellows who trade with strange neighbors. Still, their wealth leads the Mantis more down the path of envy than camaraderie.

Ronin - Like many Minor Clans, the Mantis hold a more favorable view of Ronin than most, since they have some common struggles. Still, the Mantis have fairly high standards, which many Ronin fail to meet.

The Mantis attempt to maintain a relationship with all Minor Clans, believing that they will need to absorb some of the smaller sects in order to be recognized as a Great Clan. The most fervent target of these entreaties are the Fox Clan, though it has rebuffed such offers for centuries, growing no warmer to them.

Important Notes

The Mantis are not yet a Great Clan, and have no family name (anymore - their previous was stripped from them). They have not absorbed the Wasp Clan or the Centipede Clan.

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