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Several major factions - or, more appropriately, groups of factions, dominate known existence. Each of these - even the swarms, have vast orders and subfactions within them, some seeking the downfall of their own kin.

  • Humanity - You know the type, though a few more have come around and there are some changes.
  • Procyon Concord - Usually just called the Concord outside of the Milky Way.
  • Triad - A set of three races whose civilizations were artificially crafted by the First to handle newborn cerevate races.
  • First - As in the First Minds - Cognita Primus. Claim to be the first, and oldest, intellects not only in the Universe, but in all existence.
  • Renlai - An ancient race forced into hiding by the First. Appearing human, it is suspected that they are mystical ancestors to mankind and the Shadow.
  • Legion - Natives of the Hell Rein, they have the least sense of unity among them.
  • Shadow - Human-looking types native to the Shadow Rein, though often considered to be more sinister.
  • Virgon - A relentless homogenizing swarm that consumes everything it can reach.
  • Hydra - Similar to the Virgon, they are instead native to the Shadow Rein, where the Shadows themselves combat them.
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