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"We hold this truth self-evident, that Man is not God. In playing with these devil's tools, he has turned away from salvation. We must likewise turn from Man, if we are to save ourselves, and abandon the work of unholy things, and never walk down such dark paths again. They have made their decisions, they are lost, and we would be ill to peacefully associate with them further."' - Anonymous declaration, 2062.

The Great Exile refers to those who took peaceful recourse regarding the above event, abandoning civilization and moving into the wild. They represented a not insignificant portion of the human population, and when the bounty of Earth could not support them, many perished. About ten million survive as of the 23rd century, and they represent the least of the threats that face the Solar Consortium.

Those who take more active courses of action for similar ends are collectively referred to as luddites, though not all such groups resort to terrorism.

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