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Much as they can be considered powers, religious groups still maintain a massive number of followers. The discovery of what might be best called the soul had increased religious views in general, though its exact nature is as hotly debated as it is hard to determine. Various offshoots of neopagan religions are actually quite common, though most people consider religion a philosophical pursuit rather than a ceremonial one, making its strength pale in comparison to its stature a millennia ago.

Of those that adhere to religion, Gnosticism and Buddhism are the most popular amongst the spacefarers, followed perhaps by Taoism and various 'western interpretations'. Christianity and Islam still have massive followings, and even dominate some star systems. The numbers of those that don't subscribe to a religion have fallen significantly since the discovery of the mobius patterns, though they are still one of the largest 'religious categories'.

Some newfound religions are actually centered on the cerevates, treating them like pantheons of a sort. These have many, varied, conflicting views, but are also among the most outspoken and fanatical.

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