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Just Stuffs

Major events/people (no order):

  • Ananke awakens.
  • Erebos attempts to flee to the demiurge's 'universe', the Archons show up and eradicate it.
  • Erebos appears on Earth, masquerading as Satan.
  • Thesis does something with zombies?
  • Immortal-guy-who's-all-in-vats-and-stuff.
  • Other immortal-ish guy? Or same one, pre-chopping?
  • Archons show up.
  • Archons merge with human.
  • Middle Eastern lady fused with an Archon (probably Eranna), has a habit of walking around liquifying people and/or sort of blasting them backwards as pasty (or just dry splatters?) messes.
  • 'Plague' of noncorporeal body-inhabiting parasites, probably spread fast, too.
  • Khronos' Thirds being special?
  • Bunch of Contacts link with the Demiurge, they all go crazy and possibly murderous. Blood vessels in and around eyes rupture, red eyes and swollen bruised-looking skin around them.
  • Humans 'colonize' a few otherworlds?
  • Multiple demon worlds and such, yesh.
  • Demiurge starts doing stuff.
  • First vassal! Does he stay around for a while?
  • Undead demons, rah.
  • Dreamer.


First Universe

There was a universe before our own, that much is certain. Beyond that, little can be known, only that it had life, and a soul of its own--perhaps it was the first universe, or the first possessing a soul, and perhaps not.

That first


  • Universe starts, so does the demiurge, perhaps shortly afterwards.
  • Life happens!
  • Soul-cancer (really need a better name) happens.
  • Demiurge breaks the affected areas away from it, shatters the new soul.
  • Need to decide: Does Earth's oversoul contain the hungry eessence (so to speak), or does the demiurge strip itself of aspects, and Earth's oversoul is consuming something it can't give up, either sentience or some sort of 'divine spark'.
  • The physical universe is split, multiverse ensues, each has its own big bang.
  • The demiurge sets a 'barrier' around Earth's oversoul, locking it away and preventing it from expanding through its universe. This is probably also what delays the arrival of Awakened beings.



  • Earth's is unique in its abundance of Aura, either due to life density later, or the fact that it's downright -special- (either due to the former explanation for its specialness above, or the prevalence of more potential if the latter--perhaps that it hadn't stagnated like the rest).
  • Ananke, Thesis, and Khronos come into existence relatively early on.
  • Thesis tries to amass too much power too quickly, its physical body cannot support its own life buts its soul is too potent or distinct to be reabsorbed, and remains anchored to the half-dead remains. It remains aware only at a sub-conscious level.
  • Khronos understandably is worried by this, decides to stop increasing his physical size/prowess, effectively setting a ceiling for himself.
  • Ananke isn't happy with either alternative. She goes into hibernation (for a few millenia, if not millions of years) to conserve energy while amassing power, perhaps remains dimly aware of the world. Winds up orbiting a planet, accretes enough dust and stuff to become a small moon.
  • Over time virtually of the universes are linked (some probably by Thesis and Ananke before they half-die/sleep, respectively), to varying degrees. Need to decide if Khronos/Ananke/Thesis-level power is always necessary, or just to bore through the barrier around Earth.
  • Need stuff on other universes!




  • Demons take notice of Earth, due to time passing or the growing number of people. Ah! Perhaps they notice at 1999/2000, and then poof on in later?
  • Demons start rapturing people out. Why? To gain knowledge, probably, as they'd be wary about attacking what they see as a very potent world. Possibly also necessary to break through the barrier?
  • Which reminds me: How do they get the people out? Either pulling out individual people can be done even without a full gate (makes sense, since the demons are reaching in psychically, albeit with difficulty), or they're using the connection to Earth's worldsoul to poof the humans. Or both.
  • Demons learn that there are no Awakened! Decide that Earth should be easy to take, especially since they'd have a better idea of just how potent a worldsoul it is. They don't consider technology a threat.
  • Bunch of gateways are opened up. Probably: It takes a huge amount of power to break through the barrier around Earth, but at least a certain amount must be released at once. In simpler terms: Khronos is the only one able to put out sufficient power in a given instant, but needs the other gods to supply him with energy as well to keep it up long enough.


Probably fairy precise.

  • Demons invade, rar rar.
  • Kill bunches of people! Wreck cities!
  • Initial wave hits, finds little resistance. Second wave comes (more portals), Khronos and Tartaros follow.
  • Khronos gets nuked in the head, dies.
  • Tartaros gets nuked in the side, runs away, gets cancer.
  • Initial wave eventually retreats, after humans reorganize and they suffer losses significant enough. Khronos' servants are the first to retreat (highly demoralized by his death), Tartaros' are the last (he's angry).
  • Intermittent raids continue!
  • Humans secure the gateways on Earth's side, launch missiles at the first few attempted fortresses, after which demons catch on.

A bit later

Kinda vague, probably large gaps between these. Maybe not the last two so much.

  • First few journeys through the gates and establishment of bases through them.
  • World reorganizes some.
  • First Vassal shows up, probably in St. Petersburg, causes the city to be overrun by demons.
  • More Vassals follow, 'natural' Awakened don't show up for several months later.

The fall of St. Petersburg, while ultimately not unexpected due to its proximity to the Moscow Gate, nonetheless shocked the world. The city's destruction was overshadowed by its cause: a humann had acquired powers which could only be described as magical and sided with the demons, becoming the first Vassal. He disrupted the city's defenses long enough for it to be overrun by demons. The survivors numbered in the low thousands.

Several more Vassals appeared

Things get started!

Whee again!

  • Demons are big on trying to subvert or kill natural Awakened.
  • Attitudes on Awakened vary, from reverence as gods/saviors to horrible inhuman monsters who need a nice big cup of genocide.
  • Studies on Awakened and such.
  • Arbiter Gene discovered.
  • That one Awakened who gets sliced up shows up around nowish?
  • And the dreamer, yeh.
  • Good point to summarize state of the world, major attitudes, etc.
  • Demons start their slow, blahish war.
  • Demons doing the whole 'No seriously we're good!' thing. Some, anyway.
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