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"Do we, in fact, have a predecessor?

- Lilith

Archons are entities of unknown origin, though some connection to the Dread Rein is suspected. At least, they are known for their preternatural aura of fear. They occasionally destroy star systems and even black holes, but no known pattern or reasoning has yet been deduced. Analysis suggests that they seem to be prone to confusion.

Less than half a dozen are currently known, the first of them appearing in Pholus some time after the Second Hellnacht. They are a match, or more so, for a single ark in combat. They seem to have an irrational hatred of awakened cerevates, and will actively seek them out. They only occasionally concern themselves with lesser beings, which is rather fortunate.

No Archon has yet entered the Milky Way's halo. The reason for this is not yet known.

They make no attempts at communication. They can - and have - coordinated, but no tachyonic or radio signal of any sort is detected between them. They are considered to be artificial, and bear some resemblance in nature to regalic arks, though they are generally smaller and more capable.

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