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During the American battle for independence, and the development of the mighty nation that arose from it, one of the founding notions has ever been:

"All people are created equal."

That notion is dying, on several levels.

Are artificial sapiences people? What of people created by the hand of humanity, formed together out of organs, a synthetic fusion of flesh and machine?

Can one honestly argue that a normal, pureblood human is, in any way, equal to one of the advanced strains?

What of aliens?

What of those who just want to live and be, not bettering themselves. Content. No desire to push any boundaries, or contribute to the greater glory of their kind, whatever the species or form?

Around countless utopias, there are things out there. Things who seek an end to the great symphony of existence that fits their liking.

After millennia of staring into that dark abyss, mankind, too, has become one of those things.

Solar Storms has intense Gnostic and transhuman flavors. A number of great dichotomies exist, and their interplay is the focus of the stories told. Between hard science and fantasy, utopia and dystopia, technology and magic, the forest and the trees.

The initial, overall focus of this setting is to describe the 'big, massive picture', but the goal of the game it to describe events on a smaller scale. It would seem that events unfolding in a single star system mean little on such a scope, but these seemingly small events can have a butterfly effect - or prevent one from spreading - and deceptively small events can have grand implications for the entire Universe.

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