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A rein is a collection of multiverses that share the same basic physical laws, like those of thermodynamics and relativity, sometimes called a megaverse. Most laws have related structures in other reins, even if sometimes they appear to be nearly the opposite. Sometimes, symbolism itself plays a part in these laws. The superstructure of these things seems to be a massive, cosmic, hyperdimensional web, each tiny filament a collection of universes, no less infinite than the grand subcomponents that make up the whole.

Thread crossings, or thressings, are normally incredibly violent events, especially between reins. However, the thressing of four complimentary reins, as is happening in the Milky Way's halo, is exceedingly subtle in comparison. While all other processes in the omniverse lead to its slow annihilation, this quad-crossing leads inevitably to the birth of a new existence, forming order amidst the massive chaos of the surrounding region. The process of universe-generation can be seen in the skearns - many of which are created directly from latent will, human or otherwise.

The number of reins is, in theory, uncountable. Whether or not other reins have unique properties, or are merely copies of the known set is not certain.

Known Reins

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