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The mobius patterns, or 'songs' as they are sometimes called, are living waveforms. Often propagating themselves as radio signals, they maintain their wave pattern by somehow absorbing entropy. They exist only in localized form, however, rarely spreading more than a few meters in radius, though the signal they put off can reach much further if not contained. Some variants even give off a light show - the 'sapient' songs most certainly do.

Although they usually exist as weak radio sources, they may come in the form of any wave pattern, and the most popular among these are the songs - or translating their radio signals into songs. Their melody, though repetitive, does vary slightly over time, and many find certain tunes touching in some alien manner.

Some are more touched than others.

Replications have happened, though the reasons are only partly known. They can be killed, trapped, starved, and stressed, however, and this has developed some specialized patterns for certain tasks.

Before the Purge, these beings were drawn into our Universe through various anomalous devices, collectively called "pattern sources" or "brane spikes". They are all just shy of priceless, and most of them were unique in their construction, as only four designs have worked more than once, and three of those only twice. The last one, developed by the Solar Consortium, was far more successful, but made only poor patterns, unable to affect much, or even sustain themselves for long in our Universe - and not at all outside the Solar System.

Currently, those patterns that are currently available are those of Class B, A, and S that have survived the Purge and have since bred. Class B patterns are incapable of surviving outside of the Milky Way's halo. Class A and S patterns are known as infusions and wraiths, respectively, and as they encompass broader types, are dealt with more thoroughly in their respective sections.

Class E, D and C patterns were only stable near Sol, and Class E's did not survive for long. Class D perished when the Holocene finished the Dyson swarm around the star, while the last remained effective - if somewhat weakened.

The mobius patterns are unique to mankind and the Time Rein. The Renlai and First were given no such gift, and the Shadow appear to lack them as well. The other reins only generate infusions and wraiths, not producing anything nearly so weak or numerous. Because they give humans such a powerful edge, they are considered a sort of birthright, and have evolved their own technologies which depend upon their function.

During the Diaspora, and continuing to this day, humans have occasionally lost or sold mobius patterns for various reasons. Since they breed, their number has grown and there are several available for sale at any point in time in the Galaxy. These fetch enormous prices, though acquiring one makes it much easier to acquire a second. Ships fully sigilized are called silverships, due to their original designation as being a part of the Silver Fleet.

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