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One of the primary gerens (as much as computers have them) among the Procyon Concord, dedicated to the eradication of humanity. They are a largely secret consortium that was decimated during the Solarian Purge, and have spent most of the remaining time trying to build their numbers outside of the knowledge of the remaining factions of their kind.

They are most well known for instigating the Skoll effect around Sol, by completing the Dyson swarm and this cutting the triates off from their power. This was hopelessly momentary, however, and too late, as Adam had already fallen. For their effort, the Holocene fleet was destroyed along with those invaders that did not retreat.

A rather powerful split inside the faction is between those who consider androids and gynoids as acceptable members, and those who do not. This is particularly troubling given their advantages and the difficulty in ascertaining the origin of a sapience.

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