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Things that stay relatively put are broken down into several categories:

  • Arcologies are massive, self-sustaining integrated with the biosphere of a world.
  • Groundbases on various installations on the surface of a hostile world.
  • Lagrange bases are large bases that hover at the lagrange points of various orbital bodies - typically L4 and L5 but others are useful.
  • Skybases are giant airships of various types, hovering in the atmospheres Jovian worlds and other high-pressure systems like those that existed on Venus pre-terraforming.
  • Starbases either orbit a star or planetary body, serving one purpose or another.
  • Stargates facilitate rapid transportation between star systems.
  • Vessels also have several categories
    • Drones are not-quite-sentient vessels that serve a wide variety of purposes.
    • Ships have several major subcategories.
    • Vehicles are planet-based transportation machines of various sorts.
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