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The Triad is the general term for the confederation of the Dyrajt, Khavene, and Thireshi empires. The organization actually predated them all by several eons - one race would outlast their usefulness, the First would destroy them and set up a new puppet to watch over the Milky Way for them.

Although numerically powerful, no other major power in the Universe considers them a threat - they were effectively pawns of the First, and now that they are no longer useful, have been abandoned. The Concord has taken them in, after a fashion, and is slowly trying to un-break them after thousands of generations of having ingenuity bred out of them. The cerevate races instead sponsor other, lesser races around the Galaxy, figuring that the time of the others is quite probably over.

Combined, the Triad lays claim to some 95% of the habitable galaxy. This is only a claim - they are stuck so far behind the others - even the Procyon Concord, that the only interests most have in them is making sure they don't try to stamp out some other sapient species that happens along. Humans in particular have come to consider them to be pests, many of them actively promoting the rise of lesser races to challenge them.

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