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A massive coalition of artificial sapiences that organized itself at Procyon in the early 23rd century, nominally centered on the largest terrestrial planet in the star system, Foundation. It was not founded in direct opposition to humanity (though, see Holocene), but rather out of a desire to organize and represent themselves apart from their creators. Like humans, the Procyon Concord also espouses the Anti-Homogenization Act, or at least its core precept - a united front against a swarm.

After the Contact War, they also accepted a number of rogue sapiences that were in hiding from the Triad, and brought a wealth of knowledge regarding their respective cultures, governments, and histories with them. This expanded, and after the Purge, gamma strains and similarly 'lifelike' synthetic sapiences were accepted as members also.

The First largely ignored them during the Diaspora, and the Triad's attempts at exterminating them proved to be rather impotent. In turn, the Concord rapidly expanded its influence across the Milky Way, and by the time the First Hellnacht erupted, they were in commercial control of nearly the entire galaxy.

Describing its ruling body is somewhat haphazard. Ordinator-grade sapiences oversee the majority of tasks, and, every hundred months, the members of a star system come together to form a fragment of a new sapience, called an ordinance shard. These shards gather together from multiple systems (and other places) to form the ordinance proper.

Hundreds of these ordinances gather around Procyon, along with representative ordinances from sister concords in other galaxies and those from species capable of producing such - even the First have sent two - one at the First Hellnacht and another upon discovery of the Virgon.

These gather together, merging with the Procyon Ordinance to form a creation known as the High Ordinance, a hypersapient entity that works as a form of congress, deciding trillions of matters for the Concord as a whole over the next hundred months. After its term is complete, the ordinances split off from the whole, and return to other duties as assigned to them, while one - voted on by the others, remains as the Procyon Ordinance.

The Concord has two main factions that deviate significantly from its normal purpose

  • Concordance - believes that their purpose is to support and promote their creators - usually the human race.
  • Holocene - dedicated to the eradication of humanity. Nearly annihilated during the Diaspora.
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