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A notable dual-star system some 11.4 light-years away. Procyon itself is a brilliant star, about half again the mass of Sol and several times its brilliance. It has a smaller, white dwarf companion, which is not so bright.

In Solar Storms, Procyon is host to a vast quantity of worlds and asteroids, all of them dead and burnt. However, they are host to a vast quantity of resources, and for this reason, it is the current destination of most rogue artificial sapiences, hoping to build their own utopia, being dissatisfied with humanity, labelling the largest world Foundation, and their nascent civilization the Procyon Concord.

Despite being disaffected with humans, they agreed to activate a stellar gate, and even managed to have it completed before the Centaurus Gate, due to a larger overall traffic than the Centaurus Mission and more resources to draw from.

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