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The Shadow Rein appears much like a reflection of the Dark Rein, but with some key differences - at least in the current coterminous universes. There, dark matter actually faintly interacts with normal matter, redirecting light and given their Void a slightly muted, shadowy feel. Thus, its dominant residents are called the Shadow.

They appear human or renlaic, mixing properties of each species. Their mirror Universe is only half as old as its dark counterpart - roughly the same age as the renlai themselves. This is not generally believed to be coincidental.

As a rule, the Shadow are far more xenophobic than either 'human' species, and are believed to be reducing other species in their 'verse to the level of 'comic slavery'. No power really keeps them in check, although apparently they are distracted by something equivalent to the Virgon, which they call the Hydra.

As a group, they have not made any large-scale assaults on the Dark Rein. Smaller conflicts - likely to test the strength of the native cerevates - have occurred, a few of which have devastated entire star systems. Their crossrein colonization seems to be limited to opposing the Virgon for now, apparently to preempt the tactics and spread of the Hydra and similar swarms. Beyond this, they have embassies on Acen, Sirius, Tacet and Procyon. The Hellskearn fascinates them, but non-cerevate races generally fail to occupy their interest unless they violate their codes a la the swarms.

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