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The Hellskearn is either an immensely massive, parsec-wide skearn covering the previous location of Sol, a direct gateway to the Hell Rein itself, or, most likely, a combination of the two. Born when Eve ripped the fabric of space asunder in order to transport the Solar System, this organic-looking, sickly mass has grown to replace it instead.

It appears as a writhing mass of tendrils - eight of which attach to the dreadskearns, with thousands of growing cysts, holding a seemingly countless number of creatures struggling to break through from within. Eventually, it finally does burst, and they are transported across the Milky Way in an invasion called the Hellnachts. Two of these invasions have come so far, and the Galaxy awaits a third.

The collective entities that this grotesque monstrosity spits out are called Legion. They are not particularly unified as a group, and are frequently in conflict with each other, though they prefer to engage 'mortals'. Many of them are quite intelligent, however, and a few survivors of the First Hellnacht even fought against the second.

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