First Hellnacht

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One of the defining events of the Milky Way, the First Hellnacht was simply called 'the' Hellnacht until the second one occurred. It was the first - and so far the largest - eruption of the Hellskearn, scattering the spawn of Legion across the Galaxy.

The cerevate races initially left the Triad and Concord to fend for themselves, focusing on protecting themselves and the more nascent sapient species of the galaxy. While the Procyon Concord was technically adept at handling itself, it was forced to write off beacons and many ordination functions where it only had a nominal presence. Thus, it 'lost' some 99% of its star systems, cutting off entire regions of the Galaxy.

This compounded the Triad's problems, and they all suffered. The Dyrajt and Thireshi in particular had fragile infrastructures, products of general hostilities by vengeful humans. They also received the lion's share of the Legion, which would have destroyed them entirely had the First not come to their aid. The Khavene fared somewhat better, having comparatively few incidents to deal with. They took quick advantage of the losses their brethren suffered, in the name of 'helping them', they made massive territory grabs.

Eventually humans and renlai turned their attention to assisting and rebuilding a somewhat more militarized Procyon Concord, which in turn aided the ailing Triad forces, and put a stop to the encroachment of the Khavene. The Hellnact had caught the attention of something else, however - the denizens of a mirror rein called the Shadow.

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