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The proper term for the star system which is centered on Sol, its star (thus, Solar), and has as notable planets Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. A few other uncommon properties of the Solar System were its circular orbit around the Milky Way, and placement in a relatively inactive position in the galaxy. Sol is a metal-rich star whose mass allows it to have a habitable zone, making it rather rare in the galactic neighborhood.

It's current status is unknown since the primus, Eve, made the system disappear. Where it once was, a vast skearn called the Hellskearn resides, several light-years in diameter, a constant source of horrors coming from seemingly all manner of nightmares that have been found a million parsecs from their home, even before the First Hellnacht. The eight stargates that were linked to the system, were drawn into the fabric of space and are now known as the Dreadskearns. These were linked to:

And formed the hub of human stellar settlement before the Purge.

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