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The Alpha Centauri system, often simply called Acen, is of prime interest to humanity for several reasons. Not only was it the closest star system to Sol, but also the location of the only two nearby stars suitable for hosting life. Both Alpha Centauri A and B are each host to four terrestrial planets, and a number of asteroid and cometary bodies. Both systems have somewhat more eccentric orbits than the inner planets of the Solar System, though not drastically so.

After Eve transported the Solar System, the stargate to Sol was transformed into the Centaurus Dreadskearn. Three other gates remain, all to other dreadskearn systems - Lacaille 8760, Sirius, and Epsilon Indi.

Forced to abandon the system during the Diaspora, mankind returned after the First Hellnacht to reclaim the system, settling it again. While originally drier than desired, this has long since been corrected, and the system is home to no less than a dozen large colonies, comprising of close to a trillion souls at any given point in time.

  • Alpha Centauri A's worlds:
    • Sihtu - Originally in orbit at some .4 AU, it was destroyed by human and Concorde forces during the Hellnacht. It had become infested, turning into a new sort of creature neither power was terribly interested in seeing breed. Delebat's artificial moon was named such in this honor, and constructed from a many of its remnants.
    • Delebat - Original orbit was about .75 AU from its star, currently .85. Extensive terraforming and bioforming has resulted in a hot, humid world where the days are near-constant storms and the nights almost completely clear.
    • Ersetu - Though it once held life, stellar expansion had long since scorched its surface by the time humans arrived. Orbits at about 1.1 AU from the sun. It has a large moon named Sin.
    • Salbatanu - Orbiting at 1.6 AU, it is perhaps the most earthlike world, though it took extensive terraforming. It has one large moon, labeled Neberu, and a large trojan at its L5 Lagrange point, named Kayamanu.
  • Alpha Centauri B's worlds:
    • Utarid - resembling Mercury, it orbits its star at about .35 AU. Little of it is left after it was largely destroyed to create the Dyson swarm around the stars.
    • Bumi - a hot, but livable world orbiting at about .65 AU, and the first instance of extraterrestrial life was confirmed. It also has a larger than normal moon, called Bulan though it is not formed in the same manner that Luna or Sin were, having a much different composition from Bumi and a rather eccentric orbit. Before terraforming, it was extremely dry.
    • Zuhrah - Orbiting at about .95 AU, Zuhruh was the third major planet in the system to become terraformed. It has a moon labeled Musytari.
    • Marikh and Zuhal make up a double-planet, and are the coldest of the major planets in the system, orbiting at about 1.5 AU. They are artificially warm from the amount of power being expended on-world.

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