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Scattered across the stars, humanity is hunted by many. Because of its general infamy, the race is known by a multitude of terms to identify it.

  • Human, Terran, Solarian - among those races capable of audible communication in the 'normal' vocal range (which is most of them), more knowledgeable and respectful types attempt to reproduce one of these terms. When English is too difficult to use, sometimes other languages provide an easier use. Renlei and Manava are common (Mandarin for 'humanity' and Sanskrit for 'human' respectively).
  • Centauran, Acenian - After the First Hellnacht, many groups of humans reclaimed this star system, and the term has since become a general one applying to most of the race.
  • Wanderer - this refers to all cerevate races save for the Shadow, inclusively, and this word or a derivation if it is often used when a race is physically incapable of pronouncing the term. More offensive terms are Homeless and Lost, though most consider using words like that to refer to the three most advanced civilizations in the Universe to be bad luck.
  • Seeker - Like above, but referring to humanity specifically.
  • Blasphemers is the usual term the various theocratic castes of the Triad use, after translation. This is because humans have committed each of the Great Sins.

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