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A star system in the Milky Way that was originally about 10.5 light-years from Sol around the time of the Purge. It hosts a pair of Poseidon-class worlds, and was originally colonized by the Renlai. The system was abandoned at the onset of the Renlaic Purge, and none of those who remain recall the system's ancient past too clearly. The system, when originally explored by the Cetus Mission, was found to be completely devoid of multicellular life despite the obvious alien colonization - including dilapidated stargates. Though these last were noted by the relativistic probes that passed through the system in the 22nd century, their artificial nature could only be conjectured at until the mission finally arrived to properly analyze them.

Humans likewise abandoned the system during the Solarian Purge, after only just placing clouds of reflective material to protect the system from the Maanen incident. During the Diaspora, the Procyon Concord managed the system, before it was handed back to the renlai after the First Hellnacht. It currently serves as their headquarters in the Galaxy, their original homeworld having long since been destroyed by the First.

It has active stargates to Epsilon Eridani, Epsilon Indi, Lacaille 8760, Keid, and Sirius. It possessed a sixth gate, to Van Maanen's star, before the star's destruction. Another gate linked to the Solar System before it became a dreadskearn.

It is sometimes called Tacet.

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