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"We called it the Fist of God.

A star would erupt in a burst of tachyons, with a greater energy emission than our entire visible universe. Against one such eruption, a defense of sorts can be made, as you well know. After a few of these, we were fairly certain that Lucifer had failed. After we felt the signatures of trillions, we decided to leave.

I can't quite be certain what was going through Adam's head when he saw your 'Maanen incident'. I wish I knew - few things shake the emotions of Elders, and it worried all of us. 'Where to next?' was on our minds, in general, at first. Discovering it was an experiment, did not exactly calm matters. We had not faced an enemy capable of destroying stars since the Renlai.

It weighed rather heavily on our minds when Mot died, and I would say that was the major reason behind the truce. We had prided ourselves in knowing everything, and were obviously wrong. We escaped the executioner's ax, and many of us are pretty sure he is hefting it again. Wrestling with something that can bite back has a slightly lower priority.

- Lilith

Perhaps the greatest explosion in the history of the Universe since the Big Bang, it was - very thankfully - entirely tachyonic, like the Kennedy Station disaster before it. Like the disaster before it, the incident also approached Planck power in terms of output. Unlike the Kennedy burst, the Maanen incident drew energy for about a third of a millisecond, culminating in the destruction of Van Maanen's star. The three stargates to the system - to 61 Cygni, Epsilon Eridani, and Tau Ceti, were likewise destroyed, as was nearly the entirety of the Pisces Mission.

The total amount of energy released was estimated to be roughly twelve times the mass-energy conversion of the Sun. While most of this was scattered across the Universe, the energy release within the immediate vicinity of Maanen's star rivaled that of a type 1a supernova, and elaborate means had to be constructed to protect nearby star systems, particularly the gated ones.

While the Purge began before any protections besides those for Tau Ceti were in place, the Concord handled the remaining nearby systems in humanity's absence.

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