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Kennedy Station was a research center that was stabilized at Earth's L4 Lagrange point - a Lagrange base of sorts, though primitive in comparison.

In 2205, the researchers there inadvertently managed to construct an unstable Klein tap. The remaining lifespan of the station was perhaps a microsecond, with the tap itself believed to be disintegrated in few yoctoseconds. In a few trillionths of a trillionth of a second, it unleashed more energy than the Sun put out in a minute. The blast was tachyonic, and felt immediately across the Solar System. Of course, this incident also alerted the Triad to human presence.

This explosion, along with the Maanen incident, remains the subject of a great deal of mystery. Both of them approached Planck power in terms of raw energy generation, without access to hypomatter, no less. No known tap configuration, even in theory, comes within ten orders of magnitude of such power generation. After the Maanen explosion, however, few have been too enthusiastic about sacrificing entire star systems - and likely themselves - to further such goals.

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