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Hypomatter, or regalum after it has been sigiled with infusions, is the highest prize of all forms of exotics. Put simply, it is a raw, dimensional defect in spacetime - that is, where other particles are basically points or composites of points, hypomatter is essentially a string or sheet. The entirety of its existence is, in fact, not bound to the universe it resides in, and thus it can be used to 'explore' after a fashion - although the Kennedy Station disaster and the Maanen incident might suggest otherwise.

It is critical for such devices as Klein taps, while the regalia are largely constructed out of this substance. Baneglass, blackbane, and bloodbane are all examples of hypomatter of one sort or another. Astrum parvulus, and similar delta-grade beings of the renlai, shadow, and First are also composed of this substance.

With the ability to cut an awakened cerevate, it is of course highly prized. Fortunately or unfortunately, it is excessively hard to produce, and nearly all of this substance ends up in the hands of such already godlike beings. It requires a special dark matter particle called a porion, and intense amounts of energy. As such, many regalic vessels scout extensively for it, primarily in the Milky Way as that is where the particle tends to accumulate.

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