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Kennedy Station, a research center orbiting the Sun at Earth's L4 Lagrange point, undergoes an explosion the likes of which has never been witnessed inside the Solar System, the energy released somehow exceeding the mass-energy conversion of all matter on the station. It would later be shown that this eruption was caused by the unfortunate creation of an unstable klein tap, fortunately consumed by its own demolition.

Though somewhat delayed by re-incorporating the mobius patterns into its design, the Martian Ring is completed near the end of this year, with its defenses being brought fully on-line. With the Martian Ring completed, the ex-red planet begins turning out over a thousand ships a month on its own, though many resources are still being diverted to Earth's ring.

Melisse Ferlin develops a means by which a limited amount of exomatter can be used to create a large, static region of warped space. After her methods are verified, plans are put into place almost immediately.

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