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To the First, the Purge is an ongoing eradication program of neophyte cerevate races, stretching back several aeons. Essentially an attempt to trap the power for themselves, their full goals constantly eluded them. Some elements of the ancient race still continue the hunt, but many are tired of it, having seen little in the way of progress.

While there are countless small operations, three of them became major, Galaxy-spanning affairs. According to the primii these are the only races to have expanded beyond their home star system of their own volition:

  • The Renlaic Purge attempted to eradicate the Renlai. At this point, the renlai were a highly sophisticated race, exploring space for millennia and holding a great many galaxies under their sway. The war lasted hundreds ofcycles, and many renlai managed to escape into a form of hibernation - hiding until they could take their revenge. Many relics of their mighty empire are still being found - see Cetan civilization.
  • The Soronen Purge eradicated the soronen completely, several million years after the fall of the renlai. Not having the resources, experience, or technology of their predecessors, they quickly collapsed.
  • The Tlorai Purge is only notable because humans found evidence of their destruction.
  • The Solarian Purge occurred on 26.311.314 in the Helios calendar. This corresponds to ~8 AM UTC, Monday, January 6th, 2240 in the Gregorian calendar, and the 17th hour of Heliosol, Navmasa 15th, 335 in the Arean calendar. Human technophilla took the First by surprise, as did their strange symbionts, and rapid development. Adam died in the assault, and humans fled in the Diaspora. When others assessed the situation, not everyone believed in continuing the war - Lilith being the most outspoken among them. After Mot died, only the most stubborn of them continued their predations, and even then with a great deal more caution.

Humans and renlai alike often refer to their own purges as 'the Purge', when the context is clear. Not everyone considers the Soronen Purge to be a major undertaking, but their expansion is noteworthy. The Tlorai are among those who came the closest to escaping their star system before being eliminated, though a few others managed to send probes.

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