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They say every human as her song, and the Striatvari have found them.

True or not, the process of being chosen involves little in the way of mental change. Given what happens when a wraith infests a human, it is clear that a Striatvari and her song must be extremely compatible entities, to the point where they are one and the same, just different views.

Striatvari tend to be cool, though not freezing, to the touch. In low light, they frequently give off soft glows of their own unless they actively suppress this phenomenon - the soft expression of their Song.

Most of these musicians are deeply involved in one form of art or another, even if they were not when they were chosen. Often, the style is extremely specific. One song from one instrument, one method of painting or rendering a specific subject, one dance, one specific sculpture that they make over and over again, and so on, but their skill at this specific art form has a magic to it all its own. This isn't to say that they are incapable of expressing other forms of art - quite the contrary. Their specific choice is merely their signature.

Like others of the so-called 'triates', their powers are many and multifold. Generically, they have power over entropy itself, which grants them a wide variety of abilities.

Personality wise, they are much like the art that drives them. While it can take many forms, there is always some kernel that can be relied upon, even if it may be difficult to predict.

As cerevates, they are among the most powerful beings in known existence. Their awakened form is called aetvari.

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