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Like infusions, wraiths are shattered fragments of symbionts. Unlike infusions, they are highly intelligent, and have their own motivations and goals. This creates many controversial situations, as they are potentially very powerful components of Regalia - every wraith is a hunted being. Those so bound into such sigils are called the impelled.

Because they so acutely feel the pain of being torn apart, understanding that they are a shadow of their intended potential does not sit well with them, and many try to wreak havoc wherever and whenever they can, acting as gremlins and poltergeists. The thought of being bound as a permanent slave to some 'higher' being does not sit well with them, and to further complicate matters, they can infect a suitably gullible, sapient host to make them one of the infested.

The mobius wraiths are called shades, while other human variants are known as spectres and ghosts. Hell-wraiths are called imps, while the neutral type engendered by the First and Renlai are simply called shards - and the most sane of the lot, although that's not saying much.

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