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The Silver Fleet was the extrasolar counterpart to the Golden Fleet. Essentially, ships designed and constructed almost entirely with class B mobius pattern sigils. These enhancements allowed them to match the superior exomatter layout of the First fleets at the start of the Solarian Purge, and, along with Tiamat, managed to successfully guard Alpha Centauri.

They underwent massive upgrades during the Diaspora, and over time, the patterns leaked into the hands of others - either due to being lost, captured, or stolen. The generic term for these ships became silvership, reflecting that the class B patterns were not able to survive outside of the Milky Way's halo.

Since the First Hellnacht, the term Silver Fleet has come to refer loosely to the collective force of these ships, even if they may at times face each other in combat. If Lost Sol is found, it is likely that the fleet proper will reunite.

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