Golden Fleet

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The vicinity around Sol was capable of supporting lower-grade mobius patterns, now called class C and D. These existed in immense quantities - enough to sigil both Clarke rings, Ouranos Prime, the stargates, and still have immense numbers left over.

Before the Consortium-Prime War, fleet buildup focused on constructing a lot of ships with these sigils in order to protect them from the effects of tachyon cannons. The Consortium called theirs the Golden Fleet, and the name was retained after the conflict. The revelation of the Cetan civilization's raw scope convinced many that the entire defensive network of the Solar System should be patterned, and this was eventually carried out.

The Skoll effect by the Holocene shut down a significant portion of the fleet, it was abandoned during the Diaspora. What remains of it is unknown. Its sister, the Silver Fleet, remains and has since flourished.

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